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Who knows better than children all the answers to the mysteries around Christmas and Santa Claus. In Western Star tradition, we asked the experts on a couple important Christmas questions.

Above are photos of each child who answered our questions. See the second page for Part 2.

Part 1: What does Santa want for Christmas?

Indy Moss, Elwood Elementary

I think Santa would like to have an elf for Christmas, so that he can help all the other elves with all the work he has to do.

Burke Wiseman,Elwood Elementary

Santa Claus would like to have new pants, because when he’s riding around on Christmas Eve he’ll probably rip his pants a few times.

Jeffrey Ball, Stephenville Primary School

Santa wants a new shiny red suit because from going down chimneys his old one is after getting full of soot.

Evan Spence, Elwood Elementary

If everyone is leaving him cookies, those aren’t good for his teeth, so I think he might need to get some false teeth for Christmas.

Claire Jenneiex, Elwood Elementary

A toy elf, he’d probably want a toy elf, so that he has something to play with when he’s not working and he doesn’t forget his elves.

Kyle Fitzgerald, Elwood Elementary

He’d probably want to get some different kinds of cookies for his trip, and some milk, the cookies give him energy to do his work on Christmas Eve.

Benjamin Dollard, Stephenville Primary School

What Santa wants for Christmas is help from everybody to believe in him. Everyone needs to believe in Christmas, if not, Santa may not come to your house.

Avery Brake, Sacred Heart

Daisy the Cat. Because Daisy the Cat looks very nice pretty with a purple shirt and a purple bow.

Taylor Gabriel, J.J. Curling Elementary

I think Santa would like a new set of jingle bells, so he could have more bells. He jingles them when he comes to visit our houses, but he doesn’t wake us up with them.

Grant Wareham, J.J. Curling Elementary

I think Santa Claus would like a new sleigh. The one he has is probably 30 years old. He could give himself one because he is Santa Claus.

Riley Sparkes, C.C. Loughlin

Happiness, good children, and he likes cookies to eat, he’s a good guy and gives presents to people that are nice and the people that are bad he gives coal.

Katie Janes, Elwood Elementary

I think he’d probably like to have a new belt because he’s working really hard on Christmas Eve bringing everyone children and his pants might start to fall down.

Kai Moores-Barry, J.J. Curling Elementary

I think Santa Claus would like a happy holiday for Christmas because he brings tonnes of toys to boys and girls. I think he’ll go to Florida.

Grace Downton, J.J. Curling Elementary

I think Santa Claus would like more reindeer for Christmas because he only has eight and could use some spare ones in case one gets sick.

Maggie Whitehorne, J.J. Curling Elementary

I think Santa wants just one more reindeer with a shiny nose because he only has nine and that’s not an even number. He needs another one on the side with Rudolph.

Sara Penney, J.J. Curling Elementary

I think Santa Claus would like a new pair of slippers waiting for him when he gets back home for Christmas so his feet would be nice and warm.

Hannah Russell, Sacred Heart

A sweater to keep him warm, a red one. Because it’s cold at the North Pole.

Emily Flynn, Stephenville Primary School

Santa wants a shiny new red suit because his old one is getting dirty from going down chimneys.

Sarah Hubley, C.C. Loughlin

Elves, because he has elves now and now he need more to get the work done.

Michael Carter, Stephenville Primary School

Santa wants a little elf for Christmas to help out in making the toys.

Alexie Genst, C.C. Loughlin

A new reindeer because I think he wants his sleigh to fly fast.

Samantha Dwyer, Sacred Heart

Peace on earth. Santa loves us and he wants us to care for each and every other person.

Zachary Coley, C.C. Loughlin

A bigger factory to make more presents faster.

Cole Hackett, C.C. Loughlin

A break from bringing presents and hire someone else to do it.

Gavin Doman, Sacred Heart

Love and joy. Because he loves us.

Olivia Sharpe, Stephenville Primary School

I think Santa will want chocolate chip cookies for Christmas.

Ava Madore, C.C. Loughlin

To deliver presents and that the kids be good.

Emma Neilson, Sacred Heart

Milk and cookies. Chocolate chip is his favourite.

Ryanna McDonald, Stephenville Primary School

Santa wants a new hat for Christmas because his old one is too small.

Kaitlyn Sheppard, Sacred Heart

A toy of himself. Because he would be able to play with it.

Geographic location: Florida, North Pole

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