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Corner Brook

The following have been nominated for mayor:

Donna Francis

Charles Pender

The following have been nominated for councillor:

Priscilla Boutcher

Leo Bruce

Tony Buckle

Josh Carey

Linda Chaisson

Keith Cormier

John Evans

Llew Hounsell

Glen Keeling

Gary Kelly

Gerard Lee

Donna Luther

Mary Ann Murphy

Chris Noseworthy

Danny Park

Trent Quinton

Bernd Staeben

Tom Stewart

Shawn Street

Dave Wells

Paul Wylezol



For mayor:

Tom O’Brien

Tom Rose

For council: 

Laura Aylward

John Finn

Don Gibbon, Sr.

Justin House

Arch Locke

Darlene Oake

Melvin E. Pollard

Cec Stein

Michael J. Tobin


Deer Lake

The following have been nominated for mayor:

Dean Ball

Myra Spence

The following have been nominated for councillor:

James Williams

Amanda Freake

D. Jean Young

Angela Parsons

Kerry Jones

Gary Winsor

Sheila Mercer

Elmo Bingle

Sandra Pinksen


Steady Brook

Peter Rowsell, a former councillor, has been acclaimed as mayor, however, the other candidates will run for positions on council. These individuals include:

Candace Austin

Ron Zawaski

Pat Dwyer

Mary Diamond

Claude Wilton

Leona Gillette

Margie Howell



Joy Burt

Patricia Penney

Jubilee Brinston

Eddie Blanchard

George Callahan

Alton Whalen



Jamie Goodyear

Willis Hamlyn

Jerry Martin

Beverly Parsons

Ross Pynn


Massey Drive

Gordon Davis

Gordon Halfyard

Dwayne Decker

Charlene Connors

Dianna Wiseman

Penny Piercey

Thomas Howe

Holly Walsh


St. George's

Fintan Alexander

David Callahan

Gerard Carroll

Daniel Conway

Charles Foote

Simeon Lee

George Miles

Richard Swyers

Andrew Tobin

Alison White



Wayne Bennett

Donna Hann

Loretta Kelly

Donald McLean

Cindy Gilley Mustard

Eileen Saunders

Linda Stead

Larry Curtis

Brian Kelly

Ronald S. Kelly

Frank Murphy

Calvin Samms

Betty Stead



Paul Alexander

Todd Brake

Leona Collier

Rose Patey

Deanna Webb

Iris Gould


Hughes Brook

Doreen Suley

Gary Wells

Rosemary Murley

Natalie Toba

Boyd Ivany

Vaughan Hefford

Becky Lidstone

Glen Gale

Greg Lovell


Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook

Bella Young

Henry Young

Jamie Hynes

Hazel Bingle

William Anderson

Clarice Bursey


Stephenville Crossing

Cynthia Downey

Brian Joy

Lisa Lucas

Vince Parsons

Leona C. Webb

Michael Batt

Sharon Bennett

Anna Brake

Herman Pawlett

Rocky Harbour

Morgan Anderson

Robert Bugden

Brian Companion

Patricia Cullihall

Wilfred Ellsworth

Tony Major

Walter Nicolle

Frank Piercey

Milo Scoville

Roger Snow Sr.



Anthony Byrne

Peggy McAuley

Todd Warren

Kevin Strickland

Freddy Bennett

Jr. Penny Warren

Clerance Diamond

Lloyd Burton

Tony Blanchard


Mount Moriah

David Gardner

James Gilliam

Shawn Hemsley

Joseph Park

Robyn-Lynn Butt

Denise Degrace


Kirk Fowler

Alan Gardner

Ronald Murley


Humber Arm South

Roy Temple

Mary Humber

Paul Pike Sr.

Ronald Deluney

Arch Mitchell

Darrell Jesso

Michelle Russell

Bill Duffy

Glenn Savard


Port Au Port West, Aguathuna, Felix Cove

Christa Abbott

Melina Bennett

Chalsie Kook–Marche

Wanda Martin

Ken Mills

Lisa Penney

Corrine Slade

Cathy Whitehead


Norris Point

Fred Lang

Victor Major

Cecil Maynard

Robert Maynard

Reginald Mudge

Joseph Reid

Coleen Rose

Todd Smith

Ian Stone

George Tucker


Trout River

There will be no election in Trout River as all nominees were elected on council by acclamation. The council will have five returning and two new councillors who will replace Llowell Brake and Dorris Sheppard, following each members decision to resign. Brake was a long-serving deputy mayor for the community, while Sheppard served one term before both deciding to step down.

Aaron Brake

Helen Harris

Gordon Barnes

Nelson Barnes

Michelle Harris

Paul Matthews

Viola Parsons


Jackson's Arm

There will be no election in Jackson's Arm, as all candidates were named by acclamation. One of the returning councillors will be selected as the town's new mayor, as former mayor Claude Jones has stepped down at age 77. The returning members to council include:

Shelia Hewlett

Terry House

Harry Osmond

Vincent Parsons

Tom Pittman


Port au Port East

There will be no election for Port au Port East, as all candidates have been named by acclamation. The returning members to council include:

Mary J. Cole

Eileen Hann

Gordon Johnston

James Cashin

Thomas Cole



There will be no election for this north shore town, as all nominees were elected to council by acclamation. They include:

Kenneth March

Ted Taylor

Jamie Brake

Judy Bolt

Earl March


Cox's Cove

There will be no election for Cox's Cove, as all were named by acclamation. The returning members to council include:

Tony Oxford

Terry Wells

Dale Robinson

Jean Murrin



There will be no election for McIvers, as council has been named by acclamation. The returning members to council include:

Warren Blanchard

Alfred Park

The two new council members include:

Krista Ricketts

Susan White

According to municipal office, the council will then hold a nomination day on Oct. 1 to appoint a fifth councillor.



There will be no election for Pasadena, as the following have been elected councillors by acclamation.

These include:

Derrick Anthony

David Decker

Keith Hillier

Malcolm Turner

Barry Walsh

Gemma Walsh

However, the following persons have been nominated for election to Council for Mayor:

Otto Goulding

Tom Wheaton



There will be no election for Reidville, as the following councillors have been elected to council by acclamation.

These include:

Roger Barrett

Glenda Garnier

David Reid

Russell Reid

Gerald Rumbolt


Woody Point

There will be no election for Woody Point. Here is the list of nominees for councillor in Woody Point declared elected by acclamation:

John Gillam

Fred Maclean

Greg Osmond

Charlie Payne

Ken Thomas

Allan Wilton

Terry Young

Organizations: Justin House, Terry House

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Steady Brook St. George's Trout River Port au Port East Mount Moriah Woody Point Port Au Port West Pasadena Reidville

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