March 13, 2014

The Lady (film)

  • Place : AS2026, Grenfell Campus
  • Time : 19:00
  • Contact :
  • Details : The ability of feature films to represent historical events is open to debate. But sometimes a film comes along that gives us a glimpse into the past that illuminates not only the events but also the challenges of the main characters and the emotions and commitments that drove them. This week's Films From Away offering is one such film. It recounts the story of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who became the icon for self-determination in Burma. After winning an election in 1990, she was placed under house arrest, and separated from her husband and children. She was told she had the freedom to choose between her family or her country. She replied, "what kind of freedom is that?" A powerful film about a remarkable woman. All are welcome. Free.