Robert Redford’s cryptic website message references Newfoundland

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The screenshot from shows a message from actor/director Robert Redford directly referencing Newfoundland.

Is the Sundance Kid coming to Newfoundland?

The most recent message on the Robert Redford-run Sundance Catalog website directly references this province, with the last line, “ ... I’m heading for Newfoundland.”

Whether the message is an oddly-placed travel declaration or hype for a new catalog item remains to be seen. The website currently sells a women’s outerwear item called a “Newfoundland Sweater Coat.”

The site says the catalog was founded by Redford in 1969. Redford is the star of the 1969 movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” from which an annual film festival in Colorado, also founded by the actor, takes its name.

Redford releases a new message with each edition of the catalog, the most recent of which was titled “Winter’s Thaw 2016.”

The message reads, “Newfoundland: a landscape not commonly found, where green roofs are abundant and roads less travelled. A special place, with a feeling of new discovery. I’ve often heard it said by some, that the meaningful connection to a sense of place is lost, so ‘I’m heading for Newfoundland.’”

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Colorado

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Recent comments

  • Dee
    February 03, 2016 - 06:09

    @ Scott you must have had a horrible childhood growing up here Nl is not an evil place I am your age you make it what you want to make of it I still live here worked all my life and raised my children here,I have travelled many places seen a lot and there's no where else that I would rather be,and as for the crime here and not feeling safe,it's as safe as anywhere.yes it's dangerous anywhere you walk by yourself,arm robberies,impaired drivers if you look around are everywhere.not just in Nl.

  • Fred
    February 02, 2016 - 19:08

    Though I'm not the great Robert Redford and I'm only from Ontario (don't shoot me please) I will be coming and bringing my wife to visit your fine island in 2017 or 2018. I have met and been friends with some people from your island and the more I here about it the more I want to visit it. I know a couple people that have moved back there and will visit them but thank you for mentioning some places I should visit. From what I have heard there is no better people than the people from NF and the other maritime provinces. I hope your island and you people never change.

    • Audacity
      February 03, 2016 - 13:02

      Hi Fred, some might have a tendency to over react to people from certain places where we have repeatedly received the same racist put downs, even in national print media to this day. Looking at you Marnie Soupcoff, NO SOUP FOR YOU! Lost a listener and fan of your commentary permanently. Anyway, there are good and bad people in any place. Wish you all the best and may the peace and rest and happiness of the happy island envelop you like a hug (maybe a hug of fog, but I think mist on the hills is beautiful).

  • Scott Varenberg
    February 02, 2016 - 18:33

    Newfoundland is also a Evil place,I was born there and moved away in 1981 at age 17.And now i am 51 years old and never been back there,and will never go back there!

    • Jenn
      February 03, 2016 - 07:56

      Perhaps it's YOU that's evil. And obviously not too smart........ You must be in Ontario or BC where those EVIL bastards are as cold as ice...

    • Teresa Jacobson
      February 03, 2016 - 11:42

      Scott, My mother was a Newfoundlander and every summer was a dream we spent in her home town. The love of Newfoundland never left the hearts of any of my siblings and we have passed that love down to our children. I am sad that your memory of such a beautiful island and its kindhearted people is clouded by something horrible that happened in your past. Newfoundland is not evil, someone in your past was.

  • Peter QUINLAN
    February 02, 2016 - 11:57

    My bet is he'll head for FOGO Island Inn-- if he can get there ( ferry broke--again!)

  • peter
    February 02, 2016 - 11:23

    If he comes to Newfoundland we will give him a warm welcome and a home made Newfoundland dinner, and no fear of being afraid we are all fine people, call on me and my wife and children will show him around lol don't think he will ever call on me , but hey the offer is there.

    • Louis Humphreys
      February 02, 2016 - 12:58

      You don't follow the news much....NL is a dangerous place these days.

  • h
    February 02, 2016 - 08:31

    a number of the pictures in his new catalog - including the one for the "Newfoundland Sweater Coat" are shot in NL.

  • Colin Hall
    February 02, 2016 - 07:51

    The film festival is not located in Colorado; it's venue is in Park City, Utah.

  • C
    February 02, 2016 - 07:40

    well we all know on the west coast that he's been to Marble Mountain skiing in the late 90's...and probably since then..Winter's thaw....haha He COULDN'T have been here last year when we had a gazillion feet of snow which didn't leave until the end of May!! Well Mr. Redford, yes please do comeback and see some more of our province...there's more to it than what's east of the "overpass"...come see Lanse aux Meadows and Gros Morne...the theatre in Woody point and Cow Head..the Tablelands ..come see the lighthouse in Rose Blanche...and the beautiful beach in Cape Ray.....come see the French communities on the Port au Port...and the American Base in Stephenville. Come play golf in Corner Brook and Humber Valley Resort....visit the Mary March and loggers museum in Grand Falls and the Silent Witness site in Gander...and beautiful beautiful Bonavista...yes there is so much more so see west of the over pass...awhilst enjoying some down home Newfoundland grub and music.....come on to Newfoundland I'd be more than happy to show you around!!!

    • RObb
      February 02, 2016 - 09:01

      Hey C, tone it down. We all know that NL and Lab is a big and wonderful province. No need to bash the east side of the overpass. It should be noted that the "overpass" referred to is over Topsail Road, and is no longer part of the Trans Canada Highway. So please, lose the overpass mentality and invite people to see the province.

    • Tone it UP!
      February 02, 2016 - 13:15

      No C, tone it up! Well said. I would add the entirety of the Great Northern Peninsula, as the one place on the planet where I have felt truly free and at peace. And the Bay of Islands on the south side, out past Corner Brook is just as breathtaking as Gros Morne. Also, Mr. Redford is a good guy, he worked indirectly in opposition to Fortis putting a hydro dam in Belize that would further endanger some species for a few megawatts more.

  • Mr Pickles
    February 02, 2016 - 04:16

    Nah not to worry, he told me he's just really excited about his lady new sweater coat at the moment. False alarm.

  • Melissa
    February 02, 2016 - 01:06

    In August 2015, photographers travelled to the set of Random Passage (New Bonaventure, NL) to shoot photos of models for an upcoming SunDance catalogue. Hence, the reference to NL by Redford.

  • Linda C
    February 01, 2016 - 21:07

    I hope the NL sweater coat isn't a fur coat.

    • g b
      g b
      February 02, 2016 - 08:32

      What's wrong with a fur coat?? or a leather belt, a leather handbag, suede moccasins, nice pair of shoes, a steak on your table. They all come from the same place.