Fatal attack; Allen's Road man believes coyote killed his cat

Gary Kean
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CORNER BROOK — Edgar Burton had never seen a coyote before.

He thought the animal he saw in a stand-off with his cat in the backyard of his Allen's Road home Sunday morning was just a dog.

When he went outside after hearing a commotion around 9 a.m., Burton was more concerned about his feline pet Dusty. He got in between the animals and scooped up his cat.

With Dusty in his arms, Burton turned around and was surprised to see the canine intruder still there. He lunged at it and it took off from the property and vanished out of sight.

At that point, Burton was more concerned about his nine-year-old cat’s well being. He could not see any blood or obvious external injury, but the cat was shaking and not right.

He called a vet and it was clear Dusty had some sort of internal injuries. Dusty did have some saliva on her and Burton believed the aggressive canine had picked her up and shook her.

After further examination by the vet, including X-rays and an attempt to save Dusty with surgery, it was decided that Dusty was too badly injured to live the comfortable life she had enjoyed up to that point.

Burton and his wife made the heart-breaking decision to have their beloved Dusty euthanized.

“Dusty never went any further than our backyard whenever we let her out and she would only go out for half-hour or so,” said Burton in disbelief of the horrible ordeal.

Allen's Road is in the Curling area of Corner Brook and is relatively close to the woods.

Burton still thought the culprit was just a roaming dog, until he started describing what happened to some friends and neighbours.

“Someone said to me that it sounded like it might have been a coyote,” he said.

“I’ve never seen a coyote. I didn’t know what one looked like or even that one would bark like a dog.”

Burton searched the Internet and when he found a YouTube video of young coyotes, he was more convinced it was a coyote that attacked Dusty.

“That’s exactly what I saw,” he said, looking at the video of two frolicking coyote pups. “It was about the same size as them.”

Whatever it was that killed Dusty, Burton said it is going to take some time for him and his wife to get over the sudden and traumatic loss of the cat that was so much a part of their family.

He hopes no one else experiences it.

“My purpose of going public with this story is to let other people in our neighbourhood know what happened and to be careful with their pets and small children,” he said.

Geographic location: Georgetown Road, CORNER BROOK, Curling

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Recent comments

    October 11, 2012 - 01:56

    To all the negitive coments here, It is not the animal owners fault, and this is news, i live in Vancouver and it is news here too, What should you do wait until it is a child, then report it as news? then is it the parents fault the child was in the back yard?if this was a coyote and it souunds to me like it was, you have big problems on Allens road, they are vicious little creatures, they stalk small children, they will attack anyone who trys to come between them and the food they desire, and worst of all this is living somewhere close to you, and not just one of them, My advise is to kill it, when they are this close to town and have no fear of people they are a serious threat, they may be small but i was on the wrong end of one and let me tell you they are determined,

  • jojo
    October 10, 2012 - 21:06

    This actually happened on Allen's Road...NOT Georgetown Road.

    • Debra
      October 12, 2012 - 07:08

      It is news..no matter what killed the animal people have a right to know . Dusty had every right to be in his backyard like he did every day..he was on private property. If it was a coyote.. then there's a huge problem in the curling area.

  • Animal Lover
    October 10, 2012 - 17:28

    Please keep your animals inside and if they are out, watch over them. RIP poor innocent kitty!

  • GP Newfie
    October 10, 2012 - 17:01

    I think the coyotes are taking a lot of slack lately, sometimes for things they are not even doing. These animals are now considered native to the island, so people need to adapt to it. Where is the responsibility of the pet owner here? If you have a domestic cat, keep it in the house to use a litter box. Don't let it outside to roam around, even if it is "just for a half hour". If a wild animal attacks it, whether it be a coyote or a bear, it's your own fault for leaving the cat outside unsupervised.

  • Jay
    October 10, 2012 - 16:03

    This is actually very important news! Another animal, or child may be at risk. It's nice to know these things. How the heck can you say this is not news?

  • Michael
    October 10, 2012 - 14:06

    @SHAME... Are you serious? Read the article again. At no time do they claim that they are 100% sure it was a coyote. The man, after doing his own research, feels quite positive but nowhere does it state that it was therefore a coyote. In fact, it says "Whatever it was that killed Dusty..." See how that works? See how they are leaving the possibility open? This IS a story because of the possibility of there being a coyote in a residential neighborhood. If a neighbor of mine was pretty sure he saw a coyote kill a pet, yes, I want to know about it. Also, even if it wasn't a coyote and was only a dog, it is STILL newsworthy as there is an aggressive dog killing cats in that area. Again, I'd like to know about it. How about finding some actual problems to complain about and refrain from inventing them?

  • Shame on you western star
    October 10, 2012 - 08:56

    How is this news?. Someone thinks something happened and it becomes the truth. If you want to publish a story about this. It should be that the cat died and it was attacked by another animal. Don't speculate what animal it was without proof.

    • allison
      October 10, 2012 - 13:22

      This is important to know especially for those who live in this area. I'd like to see you report something more interesting.