Local cat rescue group looking for a little help

Jamie Bennett
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Scaredy Cat Rescue is asking the public to help its cause with a donation of food or litter to help care for the growing number of cats, like the kittens seen here, the group is caring for.

CORNER BROOK — Scaredy Cat Rescue found homes for over 200 cats last year.

Now, the group needs a little help from the community to ensure just as many animals are saved again this year.

Janice Higgins founded the organization in 2010 and since that time, Scaredy Cat Rescue has assembled a team of volunteers who help find homes for stray or feral cats, while spaying and neutering some animals before releasing them safely back to their colonies around the city.

The group got called into action last July when over 200 cats were removed from a home on McWhirters Lane in Corner Brook. At the time, donations flooded in as news of the massive need spread throughout the province.

Now, Higgins said the need remains the same and the group is running low on dry and tinned food, as well as clumping and non-clumping litter.

“For when they’re recovering, we need the non-clumping litter because it doesn’t stick to their incisions,” Higgins said. “Every day we’re hearing of more and more cats, so our requirement for food is increasing every day.”

The rescue crew is constantly fundraising in order to finance spaying, neutering and general care of feral cats. While the plan has helped curb the feline population, Higgins said as the organization’s profile grows, more cats are constantly being reported. It’s a need she said was always there.

“Nobody knew where to go or what to do,” she said. “But now, we are acting as a resource for people and we help people help the cats themselves. As people become more aware of us, we become aware of more cats.”

She said the reason many cats are returned to their colonies is that feral cats often cannot adjust to domestic life. But with proper care, she said these cats can live healthy lives.

“They can be very happy, content and healthy outside,” she said. “We have some colony cats that are fat because they’re so well taken care of.”

For more information or to donate, visit the group’s Facebook page, website at www.scaredycatrescue.com or email scaredycatrescue@yahoo.ca.

Geographic location: Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • Cat Lady
    February 04, 2013 - 19:32

    These 'unwanted' animals are victims basically of human kind. People decide that they don't want their 'beloved' pets anymore and throw them out the door to fend for themselves, leaving little choice but to yes sometimes getting into people's garbage. Simple solution, keep your garbage in containers which will keep many animals from getting into it before trash pick up. Personally I find the crows to be the bigger culprit for ripping into the trash. SCR's mandate is the TNR which will ultimately reduce the numbers of feral cats while finding home for others that will fit back in with people. I like how easily some people will moan and groan when donations are being requested. If you don't want to give then absolutely that is your prerogative but please don't complain about the items that are donated to be used in auctions. A lot of the items are new and and it seems that no matter what is up for bids people enjoy the 'challenge of winning' an item and because of the organization are only too willing to pay for those items. It is no different than people selling things at the flea market, garage sales, NL Classifieds or eBay for that matter. The best part is that is that the funds are used for what it is intended for which is the feral cat population. A lot of people out there are animal lovers and pet owners with expenses relating to such. A number of people that donate on a regular bases are the very same people that foster or volunteer their time for these cats. Some of these fosters have their own cats but yet find the time, space and love to help those that have been cast aside by society. Understandably not everyone has the means to help but those individual that do do so with a gracious heart, mind and home. So please, if you are willing to donate then do so with an open and free heart. If you make the choice not to donate or help in some other fashion that suits you, then please don't critize the work that is being done unless you can manage to find away to help to improve it. Have a blessed day!

    • Janice Higgins
      February 04, 2013 - 22:04

      Thank you so much for expressing your sentiments so well Cat Lady. You speak for many!

  • George
    February 04, 2013 - 08:12

    I hope scardy cat rescue catches all these cat and takes them away from my neighborhood.They have become a nuisance in our area.All the little birds are gone and they are always in my garbage.I think we have to cull some of these unwanted animals.

    • Janice Higgins
      February 04, 2013 - 22:18

      Sorry SCR can't help you out Georgie. We don't remove cats from neighbourhoods, we have them neutered and returned. Sounds like you are referring to owned cats, you rarely see feral cats. I see only one cat outside on my street, an old owned fella who will not stay inside. When the odd stray does show up I take them in, if unsuccessful in finding their family I have them neutered and find homes for them. We don't have a cat issue on my street because fortunately because the people are responsible toward their animals and help any strays that show up, instead of just squawking about it. We have lots of birds about, I squawk about cleaning the bird dung from my property. I don't want to deal with a lot of people, but I don't think we can cull them just so they don't bother me. Get after your irresponsible neighbours, not the cats..

  • walter
    February 04, 2013 - 06:56

    I am happy to see people helping out but everytime i go on facebook all you see is give litter give food give this give that ...they have to realize that we pet owners have to look after our pets too . they are having bingo and actions all the time instead of putting used items up for autions put new and maybe people will buy

    • Janice Higgins
      February 04, 2013 - 22:27

      Walter, tis not mandatory for you to help animals other than your own. SCR relies on people like themselves to help them help the cats. We all have our own cats plus several foster cats. Many of our foster homes provide everything needed for the kitties, not relying on donations of food and litter. Kind people donate new and used goods to our fundraisers. We'll surely accept new goods. Would you like to volunteer to seek donations of new goods for us? We are so busy taking care of the animals that no one else cares for that we have little time to campaign businesses for donations. If you don't like seeing the pleas on facebook feel free to leave the group or change your settings to hide the notifications. Now when you are ready to assist us ya contact me, ya hear?