Snow-weary Deer Lakers vent their frustrations

Paul Hutchings
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Norm Goulding clears the snow from his Deer Lake property. — Star photo by Paul Hutchings

 In his 88 years living in Deer Lake, Carl Cooper hasn’t seen a winter this bad.

Clearing the snow from the double driveway at his Clinic Road home, Cooper peeks out from the protective windscreen installed on his snowblower to see how much more had to be done Friday. He said he knows there’s more to come, without even seeing a forecast. He can feel it.

“This has just been terrible,” he said, and then reiterated, “I can’t remember any time like this around here.”

The town now has piles of snow everywhere because staff simply have no place to put it anymore. Like everywhere else on the island, watching for ice on the sidewalks has now become second nature and everywhere residents walk hunched over, holding their hands to their throats in an attempt to keep the cold air from getting down their necks.

Cooper is just finishing up his driveway. He only has one car, but he likes to keep it all clear.

“I have (family) that lives here, if someone wants to come visit they can,” he said. “I don’t wait, after the snow falls I just get at it, and get it over with, I don’t care.”

Over on Mayor Avenue, Jerry Pittman is finishing off his spacious driveway, probably wishing he lived at a smaller property. He brushes off questions of what all the snow clearing does to him physically.

“I think it’s a mental thing. We come out, clear it, feel good about it being clear and have to do it again a day later,” he said. “It does something to you, takes the accomplishment away.”

Pittman agreed with Cooper; it’s the worst winter he’s seen too.

Norm Goulding on Middle Road shovels the snow from his smaller driveway wearing nothing but a hoodie bearing the logo of a local tavern, even though the temperature dropped below zero.

“I’m warm enough trying to clear all this, I don’t need a coat,” he said with a laugh. “This does make my back sore sometimes, but I guess all we can do is try to get through it.”

Cooper said he knows what he’ll do when it gets warmer.

“I’m going to relax, that’s it, that’s all,” he said as he pushed the button to start his snowblower back up. With a swipe of the glove across the snowblower’s windscreen he was back on the job.

Unfortunately more snow is expected over the weekend, with a partly sunny day forecasted for Monday. The temperature is expected to remain at or just above zero all weekend.

Geographic location: Deer Lake, Clinic Road, Middle Road

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  • Kevin Power
    February 22, 2014 - 11:02

    It certainly has been a very hard winter everywhere. God Bless Mr. Cooper, for having the ability and the will to clear his own driveway at his age. Well done Mr. Cooper.