Saltos hopes to find a permanent home at the Pepsi Studio

Diane Crocker
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Denise May, president of Saltos Gymnastics, speaks at a Rotary Club of Corner Brook luncheon at the Glynmill Inn on Thursday.

Denise May is hopeful the City of Corner Brook resuming control of the Pepsi Centre will mean something good for Saltos Gymnastics.

May is the president of the local gymnastics club.

She spoke about the club — its history, programs and need for a new home — at a Rotary Club of Corner Brook weekly luncheon at the Glynmill Inn on Thursday.

The club recently moved into a space at the Pepsi Studio after an Occupational Health and Safety order was issued against its old home, the Lions Building on Wellington Street.

During her presentation, May told the rotarians that the move to the Pepsi Studio is a temporary one until this coming September, but one she hopes will become permanent.

“We do have a commitment from the mayor that we won’t have to return to the Wellington Street building and it’s our hope that we’ll be housed somewhere at the Pepsi Centre in some capacity,” she said following the meeting.

May said her group has worked well with Western Sports and Entertainment, which currently operates the centre for Memorial University. But noted the move has not been without challenges with having to fit Saltos into the schedule at the studio.

Being in the space has been “a breath of fresh air literally and figuratively,” she said.

Right now the city is in the process of conducting an assessment on the centre to review the feasibility of implementing improvements and renovations to meet the current and future needs of the community.

May said the consultants, Hatch Mott MacDonald, will be looking at “every nook and cranny” to come up with economic ways to make the space work.

“And I think once that space gets defined people can really buy into it.” she said.

She’s spoken with the consultants and told them Saltos could be fit in 10,000 to 12,000 square feet of space.

“So we’re looking for a dedicated space where we won’t have to set up and tear down our equipment to accommodate other activities and events.”

Organizations: Pepsi Studio, Pepsi Centre, Rotary Club of Corner Brook Glynmill Inn on Thursday.The Lions Building

Geographic location: Wellington Street, Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • Stephanie
    March 24, 2014 - 20:55

    Dear John. Just who do you think the parents of kids in sports located at the Pepsi Centre are if not tax payers. When the Pepsi Centre sat empty for years did you complain that your tax dollars were being wasted? Maybe you think best option for city is to close the building all together. While we're at it how about closing curling,tennis, and soccer too. Then you won't have to worry about your tax dollars the town will be empty.

  • John
    March 24, 2014 - 08:50

    Mrs May if you get the space at the center I hope this private organization pays a fair $$ for using it. The city requires the income to run the Pepsi Center. Their should be no freebees in this city when it comes to assets of the city. The city cannot give all stakeholders their own space or buildings. Some one as to pay and I personally have had enough of higher taxation in this town of 23000 citizens. We simply cannot operate with a cadilac service mentality when the funds are not there.

    • Bob
      March 24, 2014 - 11:01

      John, I am also a tax payer. I pay taxes for water sewer, roads and city services. One of the other things I pay for with my taxes is recreation facilities. There are hundreds of our children in the Saltos program. There are hundreds of parents of these children who are paying their taxes as well, and they want this! So, what is wrong with one of the city’s recreational facilities being used by the Gymnastics club? All of the kids have to pay to be in the program, and the gymnastics club pays rent to the Pepsi center just like the volleyball and soccer clubs do as well. In fact, they also have to pay for insurance so that if they get injured while in the facility, the city is not liable (unlike some of the other clubs). So they are no more of a tax burden than any other sports group in the city. So why are you picking on gymnastics? Is it because you are not involved with it so it must be a bad thing?? The old building that they had was falling apart. It had air quality issues that was unhealthy for the children. The old building was terrible! It is about time that they are allowed to be on the level as soccer and volleyball, swinging, hockey, etc...which all have good city facilities to operate from. You have to realize that the different tax payers of this community have different priorities and for Hundreds of taxpaying homeowners, this is something that they want from their taxes. Just because you don’t want it does not make what you are saying reasonable. Hundreds, if not thousands of taxpayer in Corner Brook do want them to stay in the Studio. And to call it a Cadilac service, well, that is taking a little bit of poetic license is it not, this is the same facility as 7 other sports clubs remember. So if you think that the Pepsi center is to good for Gymnastic, they I guess it is to good for volleyball, soccer, hockey, figure skating, broomball, speedskating, rec skating, etc…. Do you want the hockey program to move down on Brake’s Cove as well? How about volleyball in the Coleman’s parking lot? So basically, what I am saying is that you have a really negative attitude towards Saltos (judging from your remarks) and are not treating them fairly with your comments. At least these recreational facilities are getting our kids out from the front of the tv and computer, and making for healthier future generations. Maybe you can see the tax savings here for Health care (since you are so worried about your taxes apparently)? Maybe if you open your eyes you can see how this might actually be a good thing?? But I doubt it. Some people in this city just cannot stand to see someone else get ahead. Jealousy is a very ugly thing. Coveting thy neighbor is alive in well in Corner Brook I guess!