Landfill site fees in place as of Monday

Chris Quigley
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City Coun. Keith Cormier holds up his Western Regional Waste Management Board's new electronic card that's now to be used at the Wild Cove Landfill site effective Monday, May 5, 2014.

Now more than ever, Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender would like to see people report those they see illegally disposing of waste materials.

“It’s like, you see the signs around town, ‘RID,’ to get rid of impaired drivers,” he said during Monday night’s public council meeting at city hall. “We need to have the same system so people can call if they see someone disposing of waste and report that as well.”

Pender was addressing concerns he has heard regarding an increase in illegal dumping because of a new fee, implemented Monday by the Western Regional Waste Management Board, of $40.12 per tonne at the landfill in Wild Cove.

An electronic (RFID) card will be required to pay for garbage disposal at the site, which domestic users can acquire at the gate or at the board’s office. The card will have a $10 start-up amount already on the card at no cost. Commercial users cannot obtain a card until completing an application.

The board took over operations of the site on Jan. 1.

Pender said keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of everyone and pointed to recycling and curbside giveaway days as alternate means of getting rid of unwanted materials.

“If you can’t give it away and you can’t recycle it, the last step is to put it in the garbage,” he said. “The less waste we have, the less we have to dispose of and the less cost for all of us.”

The mayor acknowledged cameras the city has set up in different locations in an attempt to deter such behaviour, but said there is also a city full of people with cameras on their cell phones.

“I wouldn’t suggest anybody approach anybody that’s disposing waste in an area they shouldn’t be,” he said. “But snap a few photos and send them in and we’ll make sure they get to the proper authorities.”

Coun. Keith Cormier pointed out, at the rate of $40.12 per tonne, 200 pounds of bedroom furniture would only cost someone “like, four dollars,” and compared the card, which he displayed, to a “reloadable Tim’s card.” He also said materials such as metal is free, so hot water tanks or washers wouldn’t come with a charge to dispose of at the landfill. It was also noted that in the instance of scrapped vehicles, Rod’s Auto Salvage will pick them up free of charge, provided all fluids are properly drained.

“The average consumer in North America has about 700 kilograms of waste a year, that’s under a tonne, so it’s not a huge impediment — it’s important that those who have a lot, pay a lot,” Cormier said. “Senior citizens hardly have any refuse ... why as a city would we impose more taxes on these people as someone who is bringing a lot to the dump on a regular basis?”

The city’s 2014 spring cleanup began Monday and runs until May 16 this year, so Coun. Tony Buckle reminded residents there is no additional charge for extra waste left on the curbside during this period of time.

“Waste collected at curbside by the city contractor is included in residential property taxes,” he said.

He said the city understands residents and businesses may still have some concerns over the additional fees, but said the city no longer operates the landfill, so concerns need to be directed to the Western Regional Waste Management Board at 632-2922 or

Organizations: Western Regional Waste Management Board

Geographic location: Corner Brook, North America

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Recent comments

  • Devil's Advocate
    May 06, 2014 - 18:54

    In Canada it is illegal to snap pictures of people in public without their permission. I suggest everyone drop their junk off in the city hall parking lot.

    • InCB
      May 08, 2014 - 11:51

      Not true. If it was you would have heard about a lawsuit or charges of someone who took a picture in public of someone. In some cases the picture is allow but publishing it isn't. It also changes from province to province. Some of it is just common sense.

    • Devil's Advocate
      May 09, 2014 - 08:36

      @InCB: Sorry, my mistake, you can not publish your picture of people, Google street views blurred out people faces is a good example. This still doesn't change the fact everyone in CB should dump their junk off in the City Hall parking lot, in protest, for being spineless and useless.

  • rentalguy88
    May 06, 2014 - 15:29

    maybe they should use the garbage and fill in the pot holes with it.

  • Too Funny
    May 06, 2014 - 13:56

    Time to invest in those jumbo size industrial garbage bags.

  • Big Brother is watching you!!!!
    May 06, 2014 - 10:45

    GUTLESS Mayor and council. Now we have to police our neighbors and citizens on behalf of the city only because they do not have the guts to challenge why we have to pay fees at this dump. Watch out now citizens you drop a gum wrapper and you will be photographed and reported. Pathetic!!!! The city needs to go over to Broadway and check out the disgusting debris on the side walks in front of Bars and this is cities responsibility, what a joke. The citizens on the WEST COAST need to know that at Robin Hood Bay waste management site near St John's their is no garbage fees to dump garbage. WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY THESE FEES WHEN OTHER REGIONS DON'T? And as for you councilor Cormier flash your garbage card all you want and promote it but this is nothing more then another tax to me. I paid my tax to city hall to look after my garbage now we have to pay again.   It will not be hard to see low income and seniors dispose of garbage in the manner described by the Mayor when they may not have the money to pay and struggle to put food on the table.

  • jason
    May 06, 2014 - 09:34

    I think it's pethic how the city wants to charge for garabage disposal. What is town taxes for. The wonderful roads we have to drive on. Or the hard working city workers lol. Just another way to gain a dollar from the citizens. Lookout woods roads more garbage will be seeing the environment.

  • Ed. Anstey
    May 06, 2014 - 08:09

    it's nice to see that the city councilors agree that another tax is the way to go. call it what you like it is still another TAX. councilor cormier is proudly holding his new tax card. keith big or small it's still a tax.