Political game heats up as Ball speaks in Corner Brook

Cory Hurley
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Liberal leader Dwight Ball speaks at the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade luncheon Friday.

The Conservatives got so used to oil revenues, they forgot how to make a dollar.

That was one of a number of claims Opposition Leader Dwight Ball fired the way of the Tory government during his address at the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade luncheon Friday.

He appeared to be in full campaign mode, as he and premier-designate Frank Coleman have traded barbs during recent public appearances.

“When you deal the big industry, you forget that sometimes four or five jobs in a small town means a lot,” he said. “If you can add four or five jobs in a small community, it can have an impact. That is where this government has lost focus.”

Around the digs at the governing part, and the premier-to-be, Ball highlighted a list of accomplishment the Liberals have made while in Opposition. However, his focus turned to shedding light on just what his party would do in power.

“A Liberal government will have the courage and integrity to make tough decisions,” he said. “Those tough decisions have to be made for this province to be sustainable. We will do it with the facilitation, and collaboration, and cooperation of the people.

“We will be open. We will be accountable. We will work with groups, like (the Board of Trade) to find the answers.”

Earlier this week, Coleman defended the Conservatives recent history and lashed out at Ball. Ball had criticized government last week for squandering oil wealth and leaving the province in a poor economic situation.

Friday, Ball played a bit of defence of his own and went back on the offensive. He again accused the Conservative government of mismanagement and highlighted the poor economics of the province.

The Liberal leader said diversification of the economy — highlighting sectors such as forestry, mining and agriculture — is key to the future of the province.

After the luncheon, Ball acknowledged this was a politically motivated speech. He appears ready for whatever type of politics is necessary in the upcoming election.

“For me, whatever opportunity I can get to get in front of a group of people, we are going to be talking about where we see the province heading and what the Liberal party can actually do to be the best choice for people in Newfoundland and Labrador,” he said.

Ball said he expected some push back from Coleman and the Conservative party, but said he is dealing with the facts.



Organizations: Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade, Conservatives

Geographic location: Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • Unbiased
    May 23, 2014 - 22:33

    Before Dwight Ball steps up on his pulpit crying foul over any deal HVP and Government made, why don't he admit his 'private businesses' are part of, and benefit from, the exact same Government policies that HVP did. You only need to poke around in his seniors complexes to understand the sort of financial encouragement Government makes to businesses like that. And on top of it, the same Government provides him protection against competition. Let's call it 'mutually assured success' - meaning the government needs pharmacy's and senior's homes to succeed as part of it's social policy, and therefore it will provide tools, by way of direct funding, guaranteed income, tax credits, licences (and denial of licenses) to businesses so they can provide services to the population, and Government can meet mandates. Not unlike, say paving companies, since roads have to be paved. Sometimes by accident or fault, companies fail. When core service providers like this fail, it does no good to the people for government to effectively put those companies out of business by calling in an almost-arbitrarily valued bond. For HVP, I'd guess $20M was more than the company was worth. Take Lundrigan's - unfortunately as they had bank bonds, they were forced out of business over Hibernia (I stand to be corrected). A solid NL company gone, hundreds of employees out of work, only to be replace by non-NL companies shifting Government contract money to the mainland. Great outcome!!! Simply put, paper mills, airports, seniors homes, telephone companies, internet service providers, shipyards, dentists - they all get our tax money to prop them up and get them going in the hope that they in turn, return the favor to the people. People like Dwight Ball demand it... save CBPP!!!! Government has no mandate to put law abiding businesses out of business. Banks can and do, but not Government.

  • Trish
    May 23, 2014 - 16:31

    Way to go Mr Ball, tell it like it is. We all know they squandered away the province's money. We supposed to be a have province but we still look like a have not, people are still poor and jobs are few. Alberta rotators bringing their money back and spending it are what's keeping the businesses going. Sad to say but it seems to be a way of life here these days.