City could provide 911 service for all points west of the Avalon

Diane Crocker
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The City of Corner Brook is talking with the provincial government about taking over and operating the 911 call centre slated for the city. The provincial government announced the provincewide extension of the 911 system earlier this year.

Right now, about 40 per cent of the landline phones in the province are covered by 911 — in the St. John’s region, Corner Brook and Labrador West.

The plan is for the call centre in St. John’s to handle the Avalon Peninsula and one in Corner Brook to handle everything else, including parts of Labrador.

Labrador West will likely still handle its own calls.

At Monday’s public council meeting, it was announced that city officials have been working with the Provincial 911 Implementation Team on the creation of a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) within Corner Brook.

Following the meeting, Mayor Charles Pender said the city has assigned fire chief Neville Wheaton to the team to look at what would need to be put into place to establish a 911 centre in Corner Brook.

Pender said some recommendations have already been looked at and there are still some details to be worked out.

“At the end of the day, I think you’re going to see a 24-hour full implementation here in the City of Corner Brook,” the mayor said.

Among the details left to be worked out is a location for the centre, Pender said. While there is some idea of where it would be, he noted that a capital investment would be needed to prepare the site.

Pender said the final decision on whether the city will operate the centre will come in the next couple of weeks, as the goal is to be online with a provincewide system by Jan. 1.

He said right now the city and province are looking at a soft launch of the system here on Dec. 15.

Pender expects the centre will employ between eight and 12 people. That’s based on two people per shift, a replacement shift and a supervisor.

He said the potential jobs are good for the city and could provide a new opportunity for some of the people who will be out of a job when the Sykes call centre in the Valley Mall closes this month.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Labrador West, Avalon Peninsula Valley Mall

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Recent comments

  • Mistaken reader?
    August 20, 2014 - 17:03

    Just some clarification for "my opinion" the city does not currently have 911 dispatchers, the mistaken address you are referring to originated from the 911 dispatch center at the RNC building and ran by the provincial government

  • my opinion
    August 19, 2014 - 10:33

    Two points: First do anybody remember the article in the paper the other week where a City 911 dispatcher sent a City fire truck to the wrong address causing response time to be longer then normal? and now they want responsibility for much if this island. Should Corner Brook get this important service? I don't know. What do you think? Second: the mayor is ecstatic that 8 to12 jobs will be created while at the same time Canada Revenue Agency site office will be closing this fall and losing all remaining jobs associated with it to St John's. Zero sum to me. Why won't Mayor Pender and councillors try and preserve that office and associated jobs? Not a peep from our elected members on that potential closing. I guess its not a good news story worthy of a picture of our Mayor complete with story.

  • Glenda Wall
    Glenda Wall
    August 19, 2014 - 09:49

    Food for thought. An article in the local paper the other day read a Corner Brook city 911 dispatcher sent energy vehicles to a incorrect address. Do you now think Corner Brook can handle this important service for the Island and Labrador?

  • Glenda Wall
    Glenda Wall
    August 19, 2014 - 09:33

    Is this the economic diversity and prosperity promised by Mayor and Council. 8 to 12 jobs. Oh MY!!!!!. Very small time. I was told the other day that Canada Revenue Agency is pulling out of Corner Brook this fall and will not have a site presence in the city. All services will be completed from St John's. No revelation there. How come Mayor Pender and the councillors are not in the news to speak to the 8 to 12 jobs lost there and the site office? Seems to me losing the same number of jobs and gaining the same jobs is a net sum of 0......

  • DK
    August 19, 2014 - 07:50

    8-12 jobs...yeah, lets see how many of the people from the call center get those jobs. Shocked at how this whole this was done, Sykes lays off 90 people in CBK to see those jobs go to the Philippines in the midst of a blow up about foreign workers already taking jobs from people in our province(12+ years this center has been in CBK...and some employees have been there from the start). City of Corner Brook does not bat an eye... AES sure...a program that is there for everyone already, and since my call to response back...been waiting 3 weeks now. Service Canada rep from St.Johns, that really only told people that they can apply for their E.I. on Aug 29th and good luck with your bills while you wait till mid Oct to get that flowing in. This City and this Province need to wake up, even yesterday their was an article in this paper about the loss of workers and people in the 3 of 4 provinces...the last question was why?...low wages or working conditions? Higher wages are the biggest factor...has this City even looked at the price to rent a 2-3 bedroom apt in the last few weeks...$800-900 is the average(seen a nice 3 bedroom in town for $1100...while the 2 bdrm downstairs takes in another $700)...even working most people are having a hard time just getting by...take a look at the job banks how the same places are always hiring{bld supply and a grocery store have postings to fill the same slots every 2 weeks...why is that? working conditions or wages?...or the fact that without Gov help, some places wont hire) Corner Brook is turning into a ghost town...every time something may bring money here (Fracking on the North Shore anyone)...people complain they want their quite little towns to stay quite and the Government watches it happen...yeah...Western big retirement village. I left NF once, I came back, started a family that I had wanted to raise here, now I see that this Province is sinking and once I have the means...say good bye to another 4 Newfoundlander's. Wonder how long til the Mill needs another bail out... Watch that money burn.