The seal hunt – a moral concern

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Speaking Out
By Don DiCesare

The latest decision by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to uphold the European Union’s  ban on seal products has given me more fodder to tear a few strips off both the WTO and EU for their gross hypocracy.

 How can the WTO say, on the one hand, that the EU ban technically is illegal, but can be justified on “public moral concerns” about the welfare of the seals?  What utter bullsugar.

What about the welfare of chickens and their babies (eggs)?  What about lambs, pigs, calves (veal), horses (yes they eat horse in Europe) and dogs (yes they eat dogs in China)?

What about those fine leather Italian shoes and leather jackets? And how about the young geese that are force-fed to enlarge their livers to make pâté de foie gras?

Are these animals of lesser “moral concern” than an ugly growling adult seal?

I purposely said adult seal because the media, (including this newspaper on page 3 of the Nov. 26 edition) continues to show pictures of cuddly whitecoats, which haven’t been hunted since the early 1980s.  

The media unwittingly presents a gross misinterpretation of what really happens and we let them get away with it by not fighting back.

Then the bimbo “has-been” or “never-were” actresses have their pictures taken with the cuddly whitecoats and the EU and WTO eat it all up and the naïve donors send more money to the so called “animal rights” groups, whose main concerns are their own welfare not the animals.

Well perhaps it’s time for us to put our own ban in place and stop buying European products, from shoes to handbags, meats and cheese. Yes cheese.

Don’t you know that cheese is made from animal milk that could have been better used to feed that animal’s young?

Do you see how stupid the EU and WTO’s logic becomes when you start applying it to a range of products?

Our fishing industry has been devastated by two major factors, EU overfishing and the growth of the seal population to an estimated seven to eight million, which has probably been exacerbated by the EU ban.

Instead of our country working trade deals with the EU, our province should be banning their products using the same “moral concern” arguments.

I, for one, in retaliation for their misinformed perception of the seal hunt, gave up buying European wine years ago, except for the occasional bottle of vino from the Abruzzi region of Italy where my father grew up and probably “stomped” grapes.  (Is that where the term “his old stomping ground” comes from?)

My personal ban is, of course, based on a “moral concern” for the poor grape, a living thing that gets stomped to death at the prime of it’s life. How cruel.

Don DiCesare lives in Corner Brook and is a member of The Western Star’s Community Editorial Board.

Organizations: European Union, World Trade Organization, Community Editorial Board

Geographic location: Europe, China, Abruzzi Italy Corner Brook Western Star

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Recent comments

  • Try Again
    December 04, 2013 - 12:58

    Comparing the seal hunt to farming is foolish. Farmers put a great deal of time, money and care into what they raise for harvest. In turn they try to utilize as much as possible of what they harvest whether it's a crop or an animal.

    • david
      December 05, 2013 - 09:34

      Oil, pelts and meat...including the more of a seal's carcass than even just removing the peel or cutting off parts of vegetables is. And farmers work harder than sealers? That is laughable, unless sitting in a combine in the Spring and Fall is much harder than I imagine. As far as the financial commitment required, it would logically follow from your argument that you must think companies like Monsanto, who spend millions on increasing GMO food research and unnatural livestock productivity, are to be revered even more than farmers. Finally, "care" is meaningless, subjective BS.

    • Say What
      December 06, 2013 - 12:21

      Combines in NL??? Sounds like you've spent as much time on a farm as you have in a fishing boat. Take "care". lol

  • Delilah DeLage
    December 04, 2013 - 10:58

    Don't forget fois gras, the liver from forced feed ducks, this is performed everywhere but they invented it. Also the EU has its own seal hunt in différent states. They have a fur industry and the destroy habitat to plant and harvest food which also kills and mangles smaller animals, rodents and bigs. There is no BLOODLESS food, regardless of how moral someone might think they are by eating veggies. Don't gete started on the rights snd wrongs of wearing synthetic clothes over natural clothes such as fur. The carbon footprint left by creating synthetics as compared to natural in snd of itdelf should be a reason to support furriers. If the WTO continues to support the EU in this travesty the EU need not worry about tighting their belts of a ban on their imports happens because they most likely were made of leather.

  • Gil Theriault
    December 04, 2013 - 09:47

    How true... too bad so little media have your intelligence : (