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A Corner Brook snowmobiler who regularly rides the groomed trails west of Corner Brook is concerned about the speed used by some riders on the weekends.

“They ride in packs and there could be anywhere from six to 12 riders in a group. Some of them ride too fast for those narrow trails and they pass you anywhere they please, on turns, on hills on their big, powerful machines.

“I understand there is supposed to be some sort of surveillance to stop that sort of thing. I’ve been riding out that way for years and have never seen or been stopped by any one patrolling the area.

“Today’s snowmobiles are big and heavy and some people have trouble controlling them, especially on turns and when the trails have deep ruts.

“I fear someone is going to get hurt if things don’t change,” he said.


A reader dropped this note off at our office:

“I have read article after article in The Western Star about the trucking of garbage from as far away as St. Anthony to central Newfoundland. I have yet to figure out why.

“This is not New York where there isn’t an inch of land to spare. We have half a million people in an area with a bigger land mass than New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. put together.

“I’m sure that logically speaking and using some common sense that this issue makes no sense.

“Must we, the taxpayer who is going to pay for this, allow it to happen?

“I hope this is not a cash grab and a job creation project,” the writer said.


Another reader sent along this question a while ago:

“Has anyone noticed the number of youngsters hanging around town during the week who are obviously skipping school?

“What happened to the good old-fashioned truant officer? Surely the school board can address the problem,” they wrote.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Western Star, St. Anthony Newfoundland New York New Brunswick Nova Scotia

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