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'Ill' advised

A reader says he found it a little amusing to hear a federal politician — in this case a cabinet minister — talking about cutting sick time for civil servants.

“Imagine a politician who gets weeks off at Christmas and Easter ... then months off in the summer talking about the high cost of workers taking sick time they were handed by the same politicians ... or at least their predecessors.

“No doubt, politicians will be indignant and point out all the work they do during times when Parliament is closed, but going to festivals and community barbecues don’t really count as work for most of us who collect a meagre paycheque,” he said.



A letter about letters

Another reader sent this note about some issues at Canada Post:

“Here in Corner Brook, we had a fine post office on Main Street in the heart of our city. Someone in their wiseness decided to move the services to the top of the hill were it is almost impossible to get to during stormy or snowy days.

“The Maple Valley Road is one of the worst looked after roads in our city. Along with moving the postal services there, the tractor trailer carriers cannot get to and from this building during winter so another transport has to come there day and night, every day to carry the mail to Deer Lake where it gets loaded onto the main carrier as they pass through.

“This is double expense for the same mail. Along with this, the old post office sits there on Main Street unoccupied while heat, insurance, security, etc. has to be paid. I can’t understand why any business would leave a facility they own to get another place to rent where they pay extra to get their products moving. Now I see in the news that they are having financial troubles,” the reader said.



Waiting game

A caller who identified themselves as a retired worker at Western Memorial Regional Hospital phoned about the stories this paper has run about patients being held for days in the Emergency Room area of the Corner Brook health facility.

She says if it’s a question of beds or staff shortage being the problem, she thinks it’s a lack of staff.

“If they hadn’t turned patients’ rooms with beds into offices, they wouldn’t have this problem. They are top heavy with management.

“My husband was held in the ER for two days last summer, and if I hadn’t been there to care for him, he wouldn’t have gotten any care,” she said.

Organizations: Canada Post, Western Memorial Regional Hospital

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Maple Valley Road, Deer Lake

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