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A woman called last week to comment on the plan for building a new penitentiary.

She said if it takes as long to build a new pen as it has taken for the west coast to get a new regional hospital, St. John’s council won’t have to worry about where it’s built goes, “they’ll be long gone.”


A reader says it’s encouraging to see how the nasty weather we’ve had for months has turned around for Corner Brook Winter Carnival.

He says it’s actually been sunny for a few days since the celebration of winter began.

“These people must have connections,” he said.


Another wasn’t as pleased with the fallout from winter.

He lives on a sideroad in the Elizabeth Street area of Corner Brook and he says his road is down to barely a tad more than one lane.

“To make it worse, some people still insist on dumping their snow in the street and making the driving area even smaller.

“I know it’s tough to find a place to put all this buildup of snow but putting it in the street just isn’t an acceptable solution,” he said.


For those who can’t wait to see the end of February, here’s what the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting for March.

The month will begin from the first to the fifth with rain, then showers and mild. The days from the sixth to the 14th will bring snow turning to flurries and cold.

The days from the 15th to the 21st are expected to bring rainy periods and mild.

From the 22nd to the 27th there will be sprinkles, then rain and snow turning cold, says the almanac.

The month ends with sun then turning to rain and mild.

Not much of an improvement over February, it sounds like ... just a little less shovelling.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Elizabeth Street

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