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A Corner Brook man says two signs, remnants of last year’s beer strike in the province, are still visible on the Viking Trail just outside Deer Lake.

The signs contained the names of popular beers and the word “scab,” but that nasty word has been removed from one of the signs.

“Since the strike has been over for some time now, I believe it’s time for the person or persons responsible for erecting those signs last year to be considerate enough to remove them. If they can’t or won’t, maybe the company should do us all a favour,” he said.


Our chance of winning at any form of gambling is small at best, and a Corner Brook resident backs that up with a few figures on the Lotto Max draw at Atlantic Lottery.

He said he buys tickets almost weekly and noticed the main prize is rarely won on Friday night.

He did a little research on the Atlantic Lottery site and came up with this alarming information.

“I checked the winning numbers on the Lotto site for a little more than six months, from last October to the draw of last Friday. I discovered over that period there were 27 draws and the top prize was won on only five nights.

“There was a winner from B.C. in November, one from Western Canada in December, a winner from Ontario in January and two winners in March, from B.C. and Ontario.

“I was shocked, especially considering the millions of dollars and the millions of people buying tickets each week. And to have only five winners?”

He said he’d like to see the lottery corporation explain why that’s happening.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Deer Lake.The, B.C. Ontario Western Canada

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