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A caller wondered why the two blue whales that washed up on our shores this week aren’t going to be used to boost tourism in the province.

He said with all the money being spent on advertising for tourism by the provincial government, he thought it only made sense to keep them as a way to attract people to the island.  

The caller said the whales are rare and quite a tourist attraction in his mind and he can’t understand how the right people don’t share his vision.


A Corner Brook resident says it was  encouraging to see city equipment out early in the spring sweeping sand off some sidewalks.

“It goes a long way making the city look more presentable,” he said.

“They’ve even managed to put a little more time and effort into keeping sidewalks clear during the winter. They have a long way to go in winter but at least they just didn’t ignoring the plight of walkers when the snow started to build up.


A Corner Brook driver says considering the nasty turn in the weather this week, it might be time for the provincial government to rethink their schedule for the removal of studded tires.

“It seems every spring they have to either extend the deadline of May 1 ... or drivers end up sliding around in a late snowfall.

“What’s wrong with having the deadline May 15? It still might be too early the odd year, but it would reduce the chances of getting caught without the proper tires when highways and streets are covered in slop,” he said.

“That change would help those of us who follow the law.

“The few who can be seen — and heard — illegally using studded tires in the middle of July are fine anyway.”


A woman called this week about the planned regional hospital.

She says it’s not good enough to spend millions on a new building and  changes have to be made in how health care is delivered in the region.

“It appears to me there are too many chiefs right now,” she said.

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