Wings of change granted upon angels, winged company

Dave White
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The first month of the new year, not yet done, has been an experience in living, and dying. From natural causes and by cause of nature, a trying time for many.

Birth and death continue to lead the way as the most life-altering events in any home or community. Congratulations.  Condolences. In order. Long proven. Change, the only thing itself that doesn’t change, remains.

Add change in climate, extreme changes in weather, less change in your pockets trying to keep warm or to keep your cool, and significant other variation is seen to challenge oft-mistaken sense of well-being as one day gives way to the next. Plans often go astray. Still, life goes on.

On the wings of angels born and passing, faith, hope and love compel a charitable push forward in trust of better things, even as change brings more change and regret regretfully occasions to linger.

Face time with family, friends and neighbours comes highly recommended. As does shared cake and pie, cod and cheese and a hockey game or three.

In memorium of relatives and friends late from among us January 2014 in Bay of Islands, sympathy and condolence is extended this month to the families of Aunt Adeline Gallant, 89, of Benoit’s Cove; community teammate Lowell Park, 65, of McIvers;  community music maker Floyd Payne, 40, of Cox’s Cove and hospitable Roy Parsons, 72, of Meadows. All missed. Ever remembered.

Congratulations and best wishes to all moms, dads and extended family grown anew in Bay of Islands so far this January.

Of cherubs and angels and winged companions come to share on blustery times.    

Look out your window?

Shovels, anyone?           

The eerie outlook last night and this morning affirms that preparation is a key in curbing negative outcomes in forecast big weather events, as was said before. We ought not stop saying it. Be ready. No regrets.

Guarding against launch-able wind missiles left laying in the open around neighbourhood properties is another good tip for safely weathering blizzards and the storms of life.

Hurricane and disaster preparedness plans offer some assurance that the use of common sense and thinking ahead is not lost on everyone. That’s good, too.

Acts Of God — much lesser so mortals predicting actual social and economic outcomes being, at best, tenuous — do prevail.

The TV news out of Halifax at my Wednesday deadline gave fleeting hope that it might be mostly blown out by the time the expanded polar vortex delivered warmer jet stream air to western Newfoundland. Oh, well.

Attentive men of the house and single moms — as well as public works and private enterprise, municipal volunteers and neighbours in local service districts — ought to have gotten out around yesterday securing against the forecast blizzard, at least putting together an emergency pack in case of power outages.

On the bright side, with only intermittent freezing during last week’s mild spell, warmer ground temperatures may offer a swifter natural melt in the snow on the ground this time out. Shovelling, however, is yet not optional. Someone has to do it.

Hockey tradition

Volunteers, hockey enthusiasts and sport ambassadors through their young lives, the late Mark Baldwin and the late Tommy Buffett remain in spirit at the annual memorial hockey tournament held in their honour at Marshall Moores Arena in Cox’s Cove. The event goes Jan. 31 this year.

More than a tribute to Mark’s and Tommy’s dedication to the community, the two-day tournament will again this year bring together hockey players, teams and fans from around Bay of Islands and further afield.

By their collective contributions, players, spectators and community recreation supporters help foster hockey and other fun and fitness pursuits at the natural-ice rink. As well, a portion of the proceeds from the event go to help fund a Baldwin-Buffett memorial scholarship made available for two qualifying students applying to further their education.

This year, six teams have been confirmed for action on the ice. The reigning champions, Bay of Island Beers, are back to face to Howard White’s Boys in a schedule that also includes Tommy's Young Guns, Island Roofing, Bog Boys and Rick’s Crew.

The Mark Baldwin-Tommy Buffett Memorial Hockey Tournament “brings together community and old friends and is a great contribution to our community stadium, which both Mark and Tommy put their heart and sweat into every time the circled the rink,” says pre-tournament organizer Jennifer George.

“For the love of family, love of life and love of a good game of hockey, which both of these boys enjoyed to the fullest, we proudly continue this tradition.”

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