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Dave White
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The time to act on extreme weather is now, according to reports carried in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s news network. I saw it on TV Tuesday night.

But, except for some disconcerting morning snow last Saturday and again Tuesday morning, observable weather in beautiful Bay of Islands remains extreme in a pleasant kind of way.

I can’t blame the CBC, though. I keep a watch on them. They’re where it is at, they claim. Though, Rogers Communications has moved in on Don Cherry.

From proper studies, however, it looks extremely obvious and logical among agreeable global scientists that fossil fuels should be under repeal concerning best methods of energizing the planet in the immediate future. The oil and gas companies take interest, of course, hoping that not too many people point it out.

Meanwhile, the grass is turning green on McIvers Point and Mother’s Day is just ahead. It is re-terning time on McIvers Island. Tickles and TattieFest also share the summer ahead.

This month the missus, Nonie, and I are enjoy memories of good buddy Vince happily singing along in our shared renditions about little boats and sleeping lions whenever we happen to get together.

102 years

Aunt Dolly Gillingham met a whole lot of people in her lifetime and a whole lot met her in her 103 years on Earth. She passed away Tuesday, just days past her 102nd birthday.

Online tributes testify of a well-appreciated and welcoming life. McIvers is glad to have shared Aunt Doll’s presence. I am glad to have shared happy time with her. Rest in peace, young lady.

Keeping on

Cold mornings greet lobster and crab harvesters each new day on the water there making their livelihood. Many ashore consider that the $6-$7 a pound that people need to pay for a lunch of lobster is not too bad. A feed is another matter.

Serene and pretty to look upon are calm morning waters on the Bay of Islands. They are fine for making a payday these good days the fortnight of May and combing a decent week’s fishing.

Even as landlubbers shiver at just the sight of the white, after all this winter just about gone, small boat fishers brace and head out on the bay for what is oft more than not a normal spring day for them. It is still cold outdoors this time of year. It is even colder out there on the water. A hardy lot, they are, fishers.

Right off the bottom, ocean fresh lobster are finding ready market in uptown Bay of Islands for some of their catches. On Murphy Square, fresh Bay of Islands Atlantic lobster lasted a shout one day last week. Likely more to come there.

Licenced commercial buyers pay fishers about $6 a pound in the insured employment fishery, getting $7 in local markets, likely more outside the province.

Crabbers have been quickly closing their quotas and getting better prices than recent years. Few complaints are forthcoming this year.

Bikes and balls and other bright and childlike summertime emblems are more noticeable in recent weeks, too. Physical fitness works. Safety prevails. Be care out there.

Resident notice

The Town of McIvers has announced the community cleanup of old car wrecks and other metallic waste metals will take place in late May.

Resident taxpayers desiring to have wrecks picked up from their properties are invited to notify the town office or a member of the town council.

The retired local dumpsite will be open for metal-only extractions while crushers are temporarily engaged at the former waste location near the shared McIvers-Cox’s Cove municipal boundary.

Homeowners and local businesses avail of municipal cleanup campaigns each spring.

Communal congeniality

The third annual Janelle Blanchard Memorial Scholarship volleyball tournament held at Templeton Academy in Meadows last weekend was a “huge success” on any level. But, it was mostly about family, friends and fans of Janelle, remembering.

Templeton Academy plays host each year to the co-ed team tournament given in honour of its star varsity Tigers player and community youth leader, a friend of many, who died at the age of 16 after brief illness in winter 2012.

There were many special Janelle moments last weekend that may be written of in time, according to family friend and tournament co-convener Fabian Lovell. He gave special heed to musical tributes at the Templeton auditorium by Sierra Lovell and Jacob Payne. Volleyballers topped to heed the approved lyrics for their friend.

A memory book from the 2013 event brought to the event by Lori, Janelle’s mother, was frequently leafed through and brought smiles and remembrance, what the tournament stands for.

Meeting tonight

The new McIvers Recreation Committee, beginning its second year of operation, meets tonight to launch its first major project in support of the community ball park and playgrounds.

Volunteers are being recruited. The meeting will be held at the McIvers Community Hall, beginning 7 p.m.

Dave White welcomes your Bay of Islands news and events information at 688-2003, or email at: davidjwhite@columnist.com.

Organizations: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Rogers Communications, Templeton Academy McIvers Recreation Committee

Geographic location: Bay of Islands, McIvers Point, Meadows

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