It’s too early for legalisation

Updated at 03:32 - Colorado has done it, so why can’t we? Why can’t we take one foreign state’s measures and enact them federally in Canada. After...


Fun and favourable summer

Updated on August 14, 2014 - It has been a praiseworthy summer for most in beautiful Bay of Islands so far. It is clear that not all enjoyed the heat. And,...

Dave White

ATMs, not always your friend

Updated on August 12, 2014 - It was bound to happen eventually. I travel regularly for work and I need hard funds for the subway, taxis and of course, coffee....

Jon Reid

When only memories remain

Updated on August 17, 2014 - I’m not at the age yet where the obituaries have become a regular diminishing ledger for friends, acquaintances and former...

Russell Wangersky

Life skills I’d rather not teach my kids

Updated on August 13, 2014 - I’m a procrastinator. That is why my Wednesday columns are sometimes frantically typed on Tuesday morning. It’s also why I only...

Dara Squires

War is never glorious

Updated on August 10, 2014 - Monday, the commemoration of the Great War, the First World War, began. It’s a commemoration that will go on for years, marking the...

Russell Wangersky

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