Time for a permanent fix

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More pounding waves in Fox Island River this week demonstrated the fragility of that section of road where it is only buffered from the sea water by an armour stone barrier.

That barrier is being eroded by waves when there are especially high tides like the ones being experienced this week.

While the retaining barrier was appreciated, people who live in the community recognize it should have been constructed differently and sunken into the seabed with larger rocks used. There is definitely a problem there because every time there are large swells on a high tide plows have to be sent down to clear the road of rocks and debris. There have been times when many truck loads of material had to be brought in.

Luckily, Wednesday’s high winds were blowing offshore. Had they been onshore with the kinds of tides being experienced there is a good chance the road would have been completely washed out.

It’s different than years ago as storms with extreme winds and high tides were rarely seen, but are much more commonplace now.

Coastal erosion is something people have to be concerned about and many communities are at risk, including Fox Island River. The problems in Daniel’s Harbour on the Northern Peninsula is a great example of that and on Thursday night high tides and storm surge were hitting the town of Placentia with rocks being carried across Beachside road by the waves.

It all adds up to measures having to be taken in certain areas to fix these types of problems or possibly have people move from any danger zones.

If there is a permanent fix to the problem, then it should be taken instead of just reacting to the problem as it occurs. What may be costly up front will likely have to be spent over time regardless. Doing the job right could prevent lots of hardship if it stops a road from being completely washed out.

It’s time for a permanent fix in Fox Island River.

Geographic location: Fox Island River, Daniel, Placentia

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