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The financial manoeuvring over the Muskrat Falls project is nearing completion and the project will move ahead full speed soon.

The latest big hurdle was crossed Tuesday when Premier Kathy Dunderdale announced that the federal government had come through with its long-promised loan guarantee and $5 billion has been raised on the world markets with a low interest rate that will stay the same for 40 years.

If Nova Scotia can complete its end of the bargain, nothing can stand in the way of electricity flowing from the mighty Labrador river in about four years.

The premier has been steadfast in her backing of the hydro project and we can only take her at her experts’ word that it is the best way of insuring the future power needs for the people of this province.

If the supporters are correct, this will turn out to be a project that could be greater than any other in this province. If it succeeds as promised, it will in time mean more to this province than all the oil that is pumped from the seabed off our shores.

The dam will stand for hundreds of years and the water will flow forever putting money into the government coffers.

It will also mean the people of this province won’t be as tethered to the unpredictable price of oil.

We will have a steady supply of electricity to heat our homes and maybe even attract industry if we play our cards right.

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will hold our energy future in our own hands and nobody will be able to hold us hostage to foreign supplies. This project will not only be good for this province, it will be good for the whole country.

This is for the most part clean energy that will go a long way toward cutting the amount of pollution Canada contributes to the atmosphere, an issue that is becoming more and more vital.

All this, of course, is dependent on the proponents being right. We don’t have a great track record when it comes to hydro megaprojects.

Geographic location: Muskrat Falls, Nova Scotia, Labrador river Canada

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  • come on give local trades people; workers credit where credit is due; politcans different story
    December 12, 2013 - 15:34

    we don't have great record with mega projects are u joking; who wrote this? upper Churchill falls on time; under budget; a 100 per cent success from engineer view point; da contract joey smallwood gerrymandered is another case all to gether; da Hibernia platform; on budget ahead of sechdule and a wonder of the world; terra nova and white rose floating platforms another success story; Bay D;espoir hydro facility; on time under budget; mega hydro development done by nlderslabrs; what about star lake hydo; cat arm hydro; I gotta stop cause my typing fingers seizing up; my god u people at western star just doom and gloom with no sense of the great work done by nflders labrs; on many many projects all over the world too; these are all mega projects that are 100 success story; and with hope from god so will be hebron top sides and gravity base no ongoing and if mack trucks can stop running thur Roger grimes give away at VoiseySBay hopefully a few billions tons nickel concentrate will get done out in long harbor; but again Liberal deal; they are 0 for 2; vale and hydro quebec; all u can do;

    • david
      December 14, 2013 - 10:26

      Too bad that Churchill Falls workforce, along with its work ethic and some sense of pride in doing a job, died long, long ago. Welcome to modern day Newfoundland, pal.....lazy goons and extortionists.