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Inevitably in western Newfoundland when the snow falls, snowmobiling is going to become part of the vernacular once again. Most of us can’t wait to get out on what we hope are freshly groomed trails and spend the day with that freezing wind in our faces. It’s not for everyone, but even the most hardened cynic could admit that a snowmobile can get riders to some beautiful winter scenery that otherwise would go unnoticed.

The Junction Trailblazers snowmobile club held its annual meeting last week, nominating the club’s board members. The past president begrudgingly accepted the role once again, after going on the record earlier last week that he thought the club needs a new person at the helm. During the meeting it looked as though Wilf Curlew was ready to beg someone else to take over the role, but eventually accepted his fate with a promise to keep going as long as he could.

But begging probably wouldn’t have done it.

For the most part, people don’t want to volunteer. Either they don’t have the time or they wait for someone else to do it.

The people who did accept volunteer roles in the club should be credited for accepting more work for no pay. But given what snowmobiling means to Deer Lake, there should have been not just more people volunteering, but more than the eight who showed up at the meeting.

There’s an initiative of the Town of Deer Lake to make the town the “hub of snowmobiling” in the province. The bid has potential to be extremely lucrative for the area, with stores, gas stations, hotels and restaurants standing to gain. Local politics is where things get done that actually have an effect on people’s lives, and it’s a shame that more people weren’t around for that meeting to try and improve the situation.

When there’s a delay in fixing a trail portion this winter, or in building a ramp, remember a club is only as strong as its volunteers. If you’re not showing your support locally, then we aren’t as strong provincially.

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Deer Lake

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