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The study into the idea of launching a law school was released last week and it came down on the side of making it a reality.

It’s estimated the cost of starting the school would be about $26 million and it would train lawyers who now have to leave the province to get their university education.

Politicians apparently aren’t as positive as the committee members who held public sessions to judge support for the idea, but none have yet rejected the idea outright.

If the school ever gets approval the next big decision will be where to locate it. Everyone east of the overpass automatically assumes the law school will be located at the overgrown main campus in St. John’s.

That idea should be brought to a halt before any discussion about funding the law school ever gets to a formal stage.

There is no reason the school must or should be located in St. John’s. It is starting from nothing so there is no existing connection with that institution.

Economic fallout isn’t and shouldn’t be the main criteria for where it is located, but it should be an important part.

Well-trained law students can graduate from Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook just as well as they can from the St. John’s campus.

With little doubt, a building will have to be constructed and then staff will have to be found and hired.

That leaves the location open to any site with solid educational support in place, which includes Grenfell.

If politicians have any say where this school is established — if there is a school — they should be certain it is located on the west coast where it can flourish and the economic fallout will have a major and lasting impact.

Geographic location: Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • Another Nutty Editorial
    December 18, 2013 - 08:10

    Make up your mind. One day the Editor complains about wasteful public spending and today it supports wasteful spending if it benefits his community. Like it or not, SJ is a better fit than any other community because the necessary professional and academic support (as well as the legal and illegal issues) are already present in SJ. The editor even admits that CB is offering nothing that doesn't already exist in SJ - except added costs. However if the purpose of the school is not to contribute the justice system but to provide an economic stimulus for a community then it should go somewhere that needs it more than CB.

  • W. Quigley
    December 17, 2013 - 11:48

    Excellent editorial. It echoes my feelings exactly.