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For anyone who missed it in Tuesday’s edition, a headline on a Cold Brook fire story said “Smoke detector credited with saving couple, dog.”

We all have — or should have — those smoke detectors in our homes attached to our ceilings or walls.

For most of us, the only time we usually take notice of them is when we burn a slice of toast or our bacon gets a little too crispy in the frying pan.

We should have more respect for these modern devices.

They have saved thousands of lives since coming on the market a few decades ago. They can be bought for the cost of a few morning coffees and they sit there working all day and all year long protecting us and our families.

The most modern designs in newer homes are wired right into the electrical system and require a minimum of attention.

It’s the older, battery-powered devices that need us to invest a little time and attention if they are to do their vital jobs when called upon.

The batteries that power them don’t last forever and need to be changed a couple of times a year, according to the experts.

They suggest the change be made when we change our clocks during the time change in the spring and fall.

It’s been a few months since we caused our clocks to “fall back,” but how many of us actually used that reminder to attend to those little fire sentinels that keep us from burning in our beds?

The fortunate couple in Cold Brook may be without a home and many of their belongings, but they are alive and well thanks to a piercing scream from a smoke detector that was standing guard when needed.

Take their story to heart and replace batteries in your detectors if it’s been left undone for too long.

If there are no detectors in your home, don’t worry, they are cheap and a snap to install. Get it done — for your own sake.

Geographic location: Cold Brook

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