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A poll this week again had Premier Kathy Dunderdale as the most unpopular premier in the country. The Angus Reid survey gives our premier a modest 24 per cent approval rating of those who were asked.

On the bright side for the provincial PCs, that rating is four per cent higher than one released in September.

On the negative end of the poll results, the poll was taken before the recent spate of provincewide power blackouts that left many sitting in the dark and cold for days on end.

During that time, the premier was seen as slow to become involved, and when she did, Dunderdale in her first appearances came across as dismissive of the trouble thousands of Newfoundlanders were dealing with.

It was only near the end to the events that the premier refused to call a crisis that she did a better job of showing some leadership and empathy.

Nobody who pays attention to politics in this province believes that being premier is an easy job. It requires long hours and a thick skin.

But those who run for the job know full well what it requires and Premier Dunderdale just can’t seem to come across to the populace as being likeable and competent.

Doubtless, having to take over the reins following the departure of one of the most popular politicians this province has ever produced didn’t help matters, but Dunderdale has had plenty of time to learn on the job. However, she hasn’t.

It’s almost certain this week’s poll numbers will be a high point when compared with the next batch of numbers that hit the news.

The premier’s rating has taken a constant beating since she and her party’s solid victory in the last general election.

If Dunderdale doesn’t find a way to change her negative public persona, her first victory as premier will be her last.

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Recent comments

  • Henry
    January 16, 2014 - 10:58

    Victory for every Newfoundlander if she is defeated in the next election. This massive debt is on her. Huge public service cuts and services to Newfoundlanders, The secrets of Muskrat Falls, inability to give Western Nfld the hospital and services in corner Brook it deserves and of course we have the electrical black outs which affected us all. Kathy Dunderdale states this was not a crisis WOW! Kathy Dunderdale is the author of her own demise....