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Getting more prepared for winter is not a bad idea. Deer Lake council is looking at installing a diesel storage tank at the town depot because during the now infamous blackouts the town came close to running out of fuel for its generators and vehicles.

Now that the weather has become a little warmer, for now anyway, taking stock of what we have to help us prepare for the next bout of cold can be helpful. Turning into a backwoods survivalist is probably not necessary, but having a landline phone in place, as opposed to just using a cell phone, is a good plan. Cellphone towers are run by electricity and if the power goes, so goes your communication — no texting, no email, no Words with Friends. You can see the bind you’d be in.

Having some kind of survival kit is pretty standard fare as far as advice goes, and kit contents are common sense. But having gas powered portable stoves and heaters could save the day. Along with extra food and drinking water, also have a medical kit in case of emergencies.

Another thing that might help is having a provincial government in place that was actually interested in getting to the bottom of the province’s power woes. The premier may have set up an independent investigation but the blasé attitude coming out of the Confederation Building these days when government officials are asked about power issues is, to say the least, not helpful.

Let’s be prepared for any situation that may hit us, whether it’s snow, cold or frogs falling on our heads. But let’s also see that our local utility services prepared as well.

Organizations: Deer Lake council, Confederation Building

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