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It’s good that Pasadena council is listening to the residents of Tipping Drive. Local residents have been talking to council about hooking Tipping Drive up to the town’s water supply. It may be a little surprising to some that this hasn’t been done already but things take time.

Tipping Drive was a cabin area for years and one by one, owners purchased the individual plots of land there and either renovated or replaced those cabins with modern homes. They modernized the road, with some very impressive looking structures, so now council has to decide whether it will modernize the infrastructure, and by early indications, they are open to it. It’s nice to see calm dialogue between two parties in the search for a common goal. It’s also nice that both parties will talk about it, as opposed to the province, which doesn’t seem to like talking about anything.

At least not with reporters. Now that interim Premier Tom Marshall has taken the reins at the Confederation Building, the public should be asking questions about how the province dishes out information to its various media sources.

It’s become more difficult in recent months to gain access to information from the province. Most reporters have stories about how they put in requests to speak with certain people when news hits only to be told hours later that there will be no comment. Then comes a one-sentence emailed response. An example of this came last year when a section of the highway was washed out, destroying an exit ramp. The public had a right to know how if the highway system is in need of an overhaul, just as residents in Daniel’s Harbour have a right to know if landslides will end up destroying their town. The province’s reaction of not making a geologist available for an interview is not acceptable.

These are two of many more examples of information not being distributed. As an MHA our new premier has been fairly open with reporters, and can be credited with giving honest, forthcoming answers about issues presented to him. Hopefully, that will not just continue with Marshall, but will trickle down throughout the various provincial departments.

Organizations: Pasadena council, Confederation Building

Geographic location: Tipping Drive

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