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The provincial government is in the middle of its pre-budget session around the province seeking input from groups and individuals about what spending they think should be included in the spring document.

A release this week from gas-price guru and NDP MHA might give some politicians one issue they could and should address when they start adding up the numbers.

Murphy is predicting that when the weekly fuel prices are released today, the price of stove oil and heating oil will both increase a touch over seven cents a litre.

We still have a couple of months of winter ahead of us in this province and these kinds of jumps in the cost of home heating fuels will put an added burden on many people in this province.

It’s been a colder than ususal season all over North America so far and there isn’t much improvement in sight.

The provincial government has had, for a long time, a fuel subsidy program for those with low incomes, but it’s time that was increased and this is the perfect time to do it. Those of us who are lucky enough to have well-paying jobs have adapted over the years to the extreme cost of gasoline, heating fuel and power bills.

We’ve trimmed other less important expenses to put toward keeping our lights on and our homes heated.

Many others in this province aren’t as fortunate and their meagre incomes don’t allow for any wiggle room.

They are the ones living on fixed incomes and barely managing to scrape by. For years we have heard of seniors having to make a choice of buying food or heating their homes.

There is also the sad situation where some seniors are spending their days sitting in malls because their homes are too cold.

It’s well known this province is running a deficit because of a dip in royalties from offshore oil but that doesn’t mean money can’t be found to make the fuel subsidy more generous.

We just have to let our government know where and how we want our tax money spent.

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