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Ninety-five per cent of what people are talking about these days is winter-related, so let’s talk about summer.

Namely, when all this snow disappears, and it will happen, how are those roads going to look? We already have a pretty good idea given that the pothole situation in Corner Brook, Deer Lake and everywhere else has worsened with the unusual snowfall we have received.

No one is to blame for this. Snowplows need to be out. Pavement gets damaged by those machines. Plus, the effects of freezing cold and ice — it’s science. But it’s going to need to be fixed, preferably in time for tourism season.

The Canadian dollar has dropped compared to its US counterpart, and traditionally when that happens, this and other provinces see an influx of American tourists, as well as those from the rest of the world. Do we want tourists going home telling their friends about how beautiful Gros Morne Park is? Or do we want them going home talking about the time they broke a wheel driving to the park and never made it there?

These things matter. The roads for getting us to the tourist attractions are just as important as the attractions themselves. In that vein, roads to hospitals and coming from fire stations are pretty important too.

There needs to be a comprehensive plan put into place outlying how officials are going to deal with the damage done by this horrible winter.

Roads in poor condition are nothing new; everyone is used to that. But this winter hasn’t exactly been average, and that means the road damage isn’t either.

Let’s hope those responsible for the repairs know what they’re in for because the rest of us can make a pretty good guess.

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Deer Lake, US Gros Morne Park

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