Those in the middle suffer

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The information contained in an article on this page about the plight of middle-class Canadians should come as no surprise to anyone who is part of the group.

The data come from an internal federal government report and shows that average Canadians are being squeezed by economic conditions that have gone on for decades.

Simply put, regular citizens who get up every day and go off to work are no better off than they were for as long as they can remember. Their raises are tiny and their costs have ballooned.

The report says the “Canadian dream is a myth more than a reality.”

What a sad commentary on this great country, which has so much to offer.

The report from Employment and Social Development Canada outlines a litany of roadblocks that face middle-income families such as stagnation of wages, higher debt and not being able to get ahead.

While governments of all levels tout the great job they are doing improving the lot of all sectors of society, this stark assessment lays bare the truth — most Canadians are barely making it while others are thriving.

This social divide is unacceptable and could be dangerous. People can only be shoved down so long before they won’t take it anymore.

Every parent wants a better life for his or her children and grandchildren, and that dream appears to be quickly disappearing for the average family.

Politicians had better wake up and face reality — things are not as rosy as they claim when they come looking for votes.

There are solutions open to those who make the decisions about tax rates, services, job cuts and social programs which can make a difference.

Our country is almost always rated among the best when it comes to places to live around the globe. Sadly, that standing is at risk for millions of our fellow citizens.

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