Patience will bring spring

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This winter is the likes not seen in more than a decade. The area has experienced a record snowfall and now in March it continues to come down.

It’s bleak as people state their frustration about the amount of snow, cold and how fed up they are with winter. But people of this province should not feel isolated this winter as there are others in some provinces experiencing even worst conditions than we are.

Stories out of Manitoba show that snowfall here pales in comparison to what they are getting with sheds actually disappearing under the snow and snow shovelled to see out upstairs windows.

In the Bay St. George area, there is enough snow to attract a caribou herd to where they haven’t been seen before. The herd is hanging out on a small frozen pond that hasn’t seen that type of ice for a number of years.

For the past decade or so we’ve been loving this “global warming” thing that featured mild winters and it seemed less snow each year.

This year changed to a new phenomenon called the “Arctic vortex,” which embraced not only our area of the world but extended into the United States. No doubt, people in this country and especially in Newfoundland and Labrador adapted well.

It was a shock at first, but doubling up on the socks, wearing heavier coats and boots helped. For the outdoor enthusiasts who ride snowmobiles or ski the trails, they dressed for the changing weather anyway. No matter what type of weather was thrown our way, people of the area were ready to brave it anyway.

There is more winter weather to come and despite being fed up with it, people are now ready to handle it and know that at the end of the day spring will break at some time and invite the first crocus flowers breaking through the ground.

There’s a lot of snow to melt yet but the sun is shining longer in the evening. With patience spring will come. 

Geographic location: Manitoba, St. George, Arctic United States Newfoundland and Labrador

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