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Government-owned lotto agencies across Canada are looking for new players and are targeting the young — those under 35.

Apparently, that age group isn’t gambling their hard-earned money as much at the taxpayer-owned corporations would like.

Sounds like those young adults are smarter than many of us in the age group over 35 who squander their paycheques by feeding money into VLTs and buying tickets in hopes of striking it rich.

In the meantime, all-too-many gamblers gamble away their homes, vehicles and relationships because of their costly, futile habit.

This government-sponsored, money-raising scheme is distasteful enough, but now they are setting their sights on the younger generation.

Doesn’t anyone in government — the ultimate rulers of the lotto corporations — see anything wrong with this foul plan?

Over the years provincial governments have become addicted to the millions of dollars generated from gambling. It helps Finance ministers when it comes budget time, but the downside is shameful.

Governments raise this cash on the backs of gamblers who can ill afford to carry on their addictions to hitting the “big one.”

Just sit and watch these sad characters feed untold amounts of money into a VLT at any bar. How can they afford to do it? The answer is they can’t.

Governments should put a stop to this plan to tempt the young to begin gambling.

It’s too unseemly to put up with, and beneath our caring society.

Organizations: VLT

Geographic location: Canada

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