Storm clouds are gathering

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If forecasters are correct — and they often aren’t — there is a massive blizzard about to hit all of the island later today. The forecast says there will be lots of snow and wind, bringing severe conditions.

It’s almost April, but there are some predicting this could be the worst storm we’ve had so far this unusually nasty season. We can’t do much about the storm coming, but we can be prepared for it.

Many communities on the west coast have more snow on the ground than they can handle already and this dump will only add to the narrow streets and front yards piled high with snow.

This latest storm is supposed to bring with it damaging winds; that will be the most dangerous part.

If the snow is whipped around by hurricane-like winds, it will be dangerous to be travelling any distance.

Those who can should plan to either stay at home or make their way home before the storm descends upon us. Also, be sure to be prepared for power outages.

Before the blackouts of January, that kind of reminder was often ignored by most people in this province, but we now know how drastically our lives can be disrupted because of an extended time without electricity.

The standard advice is to be prepared to get along without help for up to 72 hours.

That means preparing a kit with necessities like flashlights, extra batteries, canned food and drinking water.

Something not to forget is some cash. We have all become accustomed to paying for everything with plastic at stores of every size, or withdrawing money from ATM machines whenever we want.

That won’t work when the power is off.

With any luck this blizzard warning will turn out to be another false alarm and we will hardly notice the impact. But we can’t count on that. We’ve seen the consequences of being unprepared.

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