They just can’t be trusted

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There seems to be an abnormal amount of fraud and warnings about scams these days. The news seems to be filled with all manner of shysters — local and foreign — happy to get their clammy hands on our hard-earned cash.

You can’t even enjoy a quiet meal at home without some devious operation phoning about what a wonderful cruise we are eligible to get for nothing, or almost nothing.

The Internet isn’t only a wonderful place for keeping in personal contact, doing research and carrying on business.

It’s become almost a daily occurance to get emails from overseas telling us about the great contest we have won or offering to include us in some shady moneymaking scheme.

These dregs of society can even manage to convince some people that they are representing their own bank by sending a professional-looking notice with the correct logo, warning that their accounts have been breached, our password has lapsed or our credit card information needs updating. Yeah, right.

The sad part is the biggest target of these misfits are our seniors who aren’t as wary of these crooks as most of us.

Our older citizens are too trusting, having grown up when they could afford to take that approach.

They aren’t jaded enough to suspect their small pensions are being targeted.

Sad to say, this sort of deviant behaviour by those too lazy to work for a living will likely become even more common.

Don’t be taken in by them.

Always err on the side of caution dealing with strangers looking for a quick buck.

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