Have fun, but be careful

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This isn’t known as a big travel weekend in this province like Victoria Day, but there will be lots of folks heading out on highways to visit family and friends after a long, tiring winter.

The combination of Good Friday and Easter means many workers will have an extra day or two to relax and try to recharge themselves after being barred in by the severe conditions much of the past winter, which has been added to by a slow-developing spring.

Those heading out will have improved highway conditions, but as we saw just last week, weather conditions can turn nasty at any time making travel tricky at best and deadly at worst.

People were actually forced to stay holed up in their homes in some communities on the southwest coast.

Anyone hitting the road should be sure to check the condition of their vehicles in advance.

Winter, and the potholes and ruts that spring warmth brings, has taken a toll on most machinery.

Have a pro take a look under your trusty chariot and correct any shortcomings caused by the banging and bouncing. Also be sure to keep emergency supplies in the trunk.

That advice is too often ignored but a well-stocked kit can literally be a lifesaver if a blizzard comes out of nowhere and traps a family in a vehicle.

Tires are another concern.

It may seem like a good time to switch to warm-weather variety, but why not leave that annual chore at least until after this weekend.

The sun is beaconing but a highway journey can go sour quickly in the climate we have to endure.

A little planning can make that an inconvenience than a tragedy.

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