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The provincial PC party decided this week it will officially go ahead with a leadership convention in St. John’s in July.

The event became redundant when all but one candidate remained in the race to become leader.

Unless he changes his mind in the interim, Frank Coleman of Corner Brook will be leader and premier when the delegates pack their gear to head home after the convention closes.

The party said in its press release that they will be adding some work for the delegates — evidently in an attempt to make the cost worthwhile.

The convention will now include some election readiness activities and the party’s annual general meeting functions.

Now that the Tories already know who their new leader will be, one would think they would use the time to get Coleman a seat in the House of Assembly.

Interim Premier Tom Marshall has already offered the seat in Humber East to the winner ... and now we know the winner.

Why not call a byelection in Humber East for early June and give Coleman a chance to be declared premier without having to face the prospect of sitting in the gallery watching proceedings? Coleman and the caucus would have that impediment lifted and he could become the premier in more than name only.

Why waste the next couple of months?

Geographic location: Humber East, Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • Labrador company
    April 26, 2014 - 18:13

    frank Coleman really has no ability to discuss the issues facing nl in years to come. The PC party can be really setting up for a fiasco! Not unusual for a business person to sell or release shares in a company to run for politics. What the PC party has done is release this company from outstanding contracts not completed on the trans Labrador highway. Is government releasing hold backs to HVP? Wonder who will get paid? Past and present Owners if Humber valley paving first or the unsecured creditors from coastal Labrador? Did colemanrun for the leadership to get his company out of the contracts before it goes completely bankrupt? How much additional monies will it cost taxpayers / government to retender these contracts? What affect is this going to have on all government tendering? What does the nl road builders have to say?

  • dave sharpe
    April 26, 2014 - 12:33

    First, it is good that you mention unless Mr Colemen changes his mind because it is not all clear that he much wants the job from listening to him. Secondly, it is by no means clear that with the state of affairs the PC party finds themselves in and the manner in which Mr Colemen won the leadership title that he can actually win the byelection.

  • Rantings
    April 26, 2014 - 08:53

    I make a commitment to help defeat this government in the next general election.. With its no radiation, yes radiation atitudes. The liberals promise radiation and a few days later the Progressive Conservatives say yes to radiation. What kind of decision making is that? Pure one upmanship politics. its the same government bringing Muskrat Falls to us painting it as a panacea and minizing the fact that the huge debt will be born by the citizens for decades ans most certainly higher then normal elect rates for next few years. Reach deeper into your wallet folks. The giant sucking machine has been turned on again. This gov. has created large deficits, misspent our oil revenues, cut valuable public services, laid off hundreds of employees, and of course we have the blackouts and the Dunderdale premier stating " No crisis here". Now we have to go thru a leadership coronation and be forced to accept a Progressive Conservative chosen leader and premier whom nobody know anything about. Democracy demands this government be tossed because of its dismal political performance and failings.. Give us our general election and NOW!!!!!