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There was a report this week about the effectiveness of advertising paid for by the federal government telling us how much positive impact on us Ottawa’s changes to the cellphone rules is having.

Apparently, Canadians don’t have any interest in their federal government spending millions of their tax dollars telling them what a great job they are doing.

The same was found to be true about other ads touting how wonderful the federal government’s jobs program was doing. The same could be said about these silly signs stuck up every time some level of government puts money into road paving or other project. And then there’s the over-inflated communications staffing complement in the provincial government, and government agencies and institutions. What a waste.

We also don’t care what minister runs the department that decided to grace us with getting our own money back. That’s why we elected these well-paid ministers to high office. But they just can’t get beyond looking for some glory — and a ticket to re-election — and trying to convince us taxpayers they are somehow going out of their way to do it.

What most politicians don’t seem to realize is that we elect them and send them off to Ottawa or St. John’s to represent “us” — not themselves and their parties.

We want them to spend our tax money wisely and fairly with all citizens — not just those who voted them into office. We assume that is why they ran for office in the first place.

Governments of all levels should take the money they spend on expensive TV ads and sign painters and invest it in something more worthy, like better health care or creating jobs.

We’ll decide for ourselves at the ballot box how good a job they have done.

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