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There was a real political shocker in our province this week that went mostly unnoticed. Opposition Liberal Eddie Joyce, member for the Bay of Islands, accused the ruling Tories of playing politics with pavement.

Imagine. The idea that a government in this province would be using taxpayer money to pay for projects in districts they think they can win in the next general election.

But that’s not the shocker part. The shocker is that a Liberal MHA would be the one hurling accusations about the time-honoured tradition.

Joyce is a modern-day representative of the party that turned paving roads and streets before an election into an art form — and he finds it distasteful.

It’s almost like complaining the government of the day is handing out plum government jobs to their cronies and friends.

Things have changed in this province where politics is concerned, but not that much.

The party in power — regardless of which one since Confederation — just can’t resist falling back on old partisan habits.

They start out with the best of intentions — serving the public and all that good stuff — and end up relishing being in charge so much they go to great lengths to stay at the tiller.

Those on the other side of the House of Assembly, itching to get back running the show, even have the temerity to complain with their political foes, carry on the way their party did when given the chance by voters.

Politics in this province is always a bit of theatre. In this case, it’s a farce.

Geographic location: Bay of Islands

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