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Police in St. John’s handed out dozens of tickets in the last few days to drivers who parked their vehicles in fire lanes or in blue zones reserved for those with mobility problems.

The fact that the police have to invest their time doing this is one thing, having them catch hundreds of violators is another.

What is wrong with these people?

They obviously know it is against the law to take up space from people who are disabled — there are enough signs and paint used in to make areas set aside for them stand out.

The same goes for parking in fire lanes in commercial areas.

The stark truth is they are too lazy to haul their butts a few extra feet to get into a mall or other public establishment.

They won’t even stop out of embarrassment. They have no shame, or compassion for that matter.

Mostly, these people know the chances of getting caught and having to pay a fine is slim at best.

Police have other more serious situations to attend to and they rarely have time to patrol mall lots.

The answer is like most of these minor crimes — the public has to become involved.

The police can’t be everywhere but that is not the case with ordinary citizens with cellphones.

They are everywhere and they should take the few minutes to dial the police and tell them if they see someone someone taking up a blue space without the proper permit.

That’s all it takes and it would do a world of good.

They wouldn’t even have to give their name if that would cause them to hesitate.

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