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There’s not only a problem with drivers ignoring flashing lights on school buses, there appears to be not much chance those breaking the law will be caught.

The subject came up this week when a bus driver on the east coast said he’s at his limit with drivers who speed past his stopped bus dropping off or picking up school children.

Another driver in the Bay St. George area experienced the same troubling behaviour by drivers who have no concern about killing a child while breaking the law.

The west coast bus driver says it’s difficult for him to identify those speeding by and getting licence numbers is near impossible.

Well there is technology that can solve that problem.

Every school bus in this province should be equipped with video equipment that is aimed in such a direction to identify any driver who ignores the flashing lights and other visual warnings on buses.

Today these video cameras are small, reliable and, just as importantly, inexpensive.

They can easily be attached to school buses to capture traffic in both directions and store the information for a couple of days.

That would put a halt to this nonsense in no time.

These heedless drivers know the chances of them getting hauled in by the police are slim so they keep doing it.

If they knew they were being taped to be used as evidence, things would change. The cost would be worth the investment.

While they are at it, the cameras should be installed in other emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks to get the goods on those lame drivers who refuse to pull over and give room when they hear a siren blaring.

It’s a wonder it hasn’t been done before now since children are being put at risk for no reason.

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  • D
    May 26, 2014 - 12:39

    The problem is that those cameras will also catch the bus driver breaking the rules of the road. School bus drivers in Corner Brook are known to stop in the middle of 4 way intersections to pick up children. They also frequently use the Millbrook parking lot as if it were part of the roadway.