Tax free?

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Anyone who works for a living will be happy to know that Monday was Tax Freedom Day for Canadians. On that day, in theory, we finished paying for all the taxes we are saddled with and the money we make for the rest of the year will be ours to keep — or spend as we wish.

It sounds like a long time and plenty of work to pay for the services we receive from governments of all levels.

And it is.

Governments, that is politicians, looking for votes, are fond of bragging about cutting taxes. Taxpayers should decide how they spend their own hard-earned money they often spout.

They cut taxes and we end up with barely a few extra pennies on our paycheques.

Take, for instance, the cutting of the goods and services tax by the present federal government a few years ago.

Conservative politicians were puffing their chests, bragging out about helping save billions for consumers across the country.

It sounded great when billions were coming our way, but the savings on individual purchases were, and are, a pittance — except those millionaires who can purchase exotic imported vehicles or million-dollar palatial homes.

As for those of us picking up something at the dollar store — well, not so much.

The fallout? Things like marine rescue centres, safe roads and highways, food inspections and the like are shut, cut or left to crumble.

Nobody likes paying taxes, but we do covet government services that keep us safe and sound.

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