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Photos of garbage illegally dumped in the Lady Slipper Road area were making the rounds on social media last week. Those images are similar to some that were printed in The Western Star a few weeks ago showing another mess in the same area.

This kind of action is nothing new to this province, but there is now a fear that some misfits will choose to dump their garbage in the wilderness rather than pay a nominal fee instituted at the Wild Cove waste facility on the North Shore highway.

Those in charge of creating the new regional waste system have been quick to assure anyone who will listen that they are sure illegal dumping won’t increase because of the new system — but they do have their critics.

Many in this region fear the worst when it comes to our environment being mistreated.

Even when a trip to the dump was free, some chose to dump their household garbage in isolated areas — of which there are many.

This region covers a big area and there are thousands of miles of woods roads crisscrossing the landscape.

People intent on flaunting the rules against illegal dumping can almost be sure they will get away scot-free.

Hidden cameras have been placed in problem areas over the last few years, but like the police, they can’t be everywhere and see everything.

Education is always touted as the solution to this antisocial behaviour.

That may work with the younger generation who seem to have a different outlook on our planet and the care it deserves. But the only solution for these adult lawbreakers is to find a way to catch them and drag them off to court. That’s a job for all of us to and our smartphones to pitch in on.

If they aren’t ashamed of their foul actions, maybe these slackers will be ashamed to have their faces shown for all the world to see in front of a judge.

Geographic location: Slipper Road, Western Star, North Shore

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  • Paul
    June 16, 2014 - 20:16

    I don't understand why west coast citizens have to pay garbage fees at the west coast dump. This is about gouging only. Robin Hood Bay waste disposal site does not have any garbage fees levied on St Johns citizens and it works, WHY IS MR. DOWNER imposing fees on us? Check it out this is the truth....