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At the provincial Liberals’ annual general meeting last weekend, leader Dwight Ball said in his speech to delegates that when he becomes premier, he will be taking more money from oil royalties and investing it in the future of rural Newfoundland.

That has a familiar ring to it.

Almost every time a new premier takes office, they all claim to have the desire and ideas to fix the problems plaguing rural Newfoundland.

Danny Williams went as far as to take the lead himself, seeking to cure all that ails our small outports which are withering away due to outmigration stemming from lack of opportunity. He failed miserably.

It’s an easy promise to make, but not an easy one to keep.

Truth be known, it may be impossible to return rural Newfoundland to a state approaching what it used to be when there were thousands of fishermen and plant workers scratching a comfortable living. There are still some outports that remain economically strong, but they are becoming fewer and further between with the passage of time.

Young people are scrambling to leave communities where generations of their families have resided.

They aren’t interested in the dangerous and uncertain life in the fishery, or trying to get by on a few weeks work a year in a fish plant, supplemented by meagre employment insurance.

They want better for their children and themselves so they pack up and move west where they can get steady work, a decent salary and a better way of life.

So good luck, Mr. Ball. We hope you have the answers that others have failed to find.

Seeing the bedrock of this province — our outports — disappear is difficult to watch, but no amount of money or goodwill is likely to turn the tide.

Geographic location: Newfoundland

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Recent comments

  • Petertwo
    June 23, 2014 - 06:51

    Perhaps some established, successful and proven entrepreneur, Mr Murphy. Like Frank Coleman, for example ?

  • Linda
    June 23, 2014 - 06:07

    First things Dwight would have to do, get the in fighting under control, Second. resign.

  • Charles Murphy
    June 23, 2014 - 05:40

    To whom its may concern, Rural N & L haven't got to die, The problems we have come from the people we elects to represent us in Government, Life can be restore, with a little help from the people, But first we got to get a leader, Lets take the pellet plant on the northern pen, just sitting there with no hope, but if you take that plant along with three more " Items ", there future there, Community's across this province of N & L , got building just sitting there, when they should be turn into manufacturing plants, producing products we ship in each year, putting our people to work. its not that hard, just need some one to take us to the next " Step "