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  • go back to deer lake
    August 01, 2014 - 13:54

    as someone who never missed a game while they played in cbrook; this coates fellow moved them without asking the fans anything; so i got little time for him or his hockey team; they need new owner; a fan friendly one; if they dont sell 1000 tickets at what 137 bucks each so what does he want 137,000 in bank before season starts; thanks but no thanks to Ross coates and his merry band of followers; i think this is being pushed by cbrook city coucillors who volunteer for the perks of being involed with hockey team; they better not spend one cent of taxpayers money on this farce; or they will be gone like luther and bruce in next election; if people want go hockey game they'll go; why the threat of give us money or we are going back to deer lake; good enjoy the bus ride back to deer lake; dont anyone take a hint anymore; if people in cbrook wanted to go watch hockey game they'd go; but i dare say not many families gonna be going at 40-50 bucks at pop both sat and then sunday afternoon to watch local hockey players ; chirst 5-10 bucks is all its worth; me da wife and four little kids used to be over 60 bucks to get in to see one game

  • lpb
    August 01, 2014 - 10:50

    So they team will move back IF they receive $150,000 (100 * $150) guaranteed funds. I think this is shamefull - where is the adage - Build it they willl come. The fan based dewindled in CBrook because of the poor product on the ice. Bring in a winning team or at least a team with heart who look mlike they are willing to win and perhaps you will build a fan base again. Guarantees are only granted in Death.

  • my opinion
    August 01, 2014 - 09:22

    I have interest in Corner Brook Royals as a city team. My wife and I ATTENDED many week end games when they were played in Corner Brook all with out buying a season pass. We will attend all games we can this coming season if they come back to Corner Brook and as long as hockey is competitive and entertaining. we have already purchased our seats at the center. I believe their are many fans who pay for hockey this way without buying the season pass. It appears to me that Mr. COATES is stating I want hockey for Corner Brook paid in advance before I bring the team back. Many seniors cannot pay in advance but choose to pay for games on each week end. The persons buying season passes likely always purchased their games this way and their were always weekend ticket purchasers. If the Corner Brook Royals play this winter then I believe that they will do just as good with Corner Brook ticket Sales as they did in Deer Lake and we all know how that turned out. Looking forward to the team returning this winter. I just cant guarantee their return with a season pass for two. I also believe that their sh be family rates for a season pass. Maybe you would sell more passes this way.