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Two reports from the weekend show that the general public has had enough of drunk drivers on our roads and are willing to do something to halt it.

The first incident involved a group of people at a convenience store in the St. John’s region.

A woman had gone into the store and the others there became convinced she was drunk and had arrived in a vehicle.

Among those gathered, they blocked the suspect’s vehicle and called the police. When they arrived, officers gave the driver a breath test and found she had been driving with three times the legal amount of alcohol in her system.

The second report is becoming more common than the first. Another drunk driver on the east coast was caught after other drivers reported him to police by placing a cellphone call.

This happens so often now it is almost commonplace — and that is encouraging.

Police might rightly discourage citizens from taking direct action against suspected drunk drivers like the store customers mounted, but they sure would like more of us to pull over to the side of the road and give them a quick call when we suspect someone is driving drunk.

We don’t have to become any more involved than that. Even if we are mistaken, there is no harm in police stopping the driver and checking to see if the driver is indeed over the limit.

It takes little of the time of police officers and the driver being reported loses nothing but a few minutes if he or she is sober and innocent.

There are still too many drivers who think they can get away with being drunk while operating a vehicle and action by citizens is one way to cut down on that danger.

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