It’s a deadly pastime

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There were three fires reported this week in wooded areas inside and around the Corner Brook area.

One was a few miles west of the city and was quickly extinguished but two others were inside the city borders — and that’s scary.

This has been and extremely dry summer and if the fires in wooded areas in the centre of the city had gotten out of control nobody knows what would have happened.

Both fires appear to have started in a couple of ramshackle camps that were being used by young people who were up to no good. The evidence remaining points to drug and alcohol activity.

That is bad enough, but we should all be aware of a greater threat to those involved. What if these young people were in these camps when they caught fire?

What would have been the result if some of these young people had nodded off and were trapped in a runaway blaze far from any witnesses or help.

It’s not much good to say that this has to be stopped because it is impossible for any law officers at any level to find these camps, tear them down and send the occupants packing.

These shantys could be built anywhere and Corner Brook is surrounded by acres of wooded sections that can hide this kind of activity.

Let’s hope and pray the young people involved have enough common sense to be more careful than they have shown by these two incidents.

It could be a matter of life and death.

Geographic location: Corner Brook

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