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It may be some time coming but eventually all those people who have a cabin in this region are supposed to be dinged with another expense — this time for garbage collection.

It’s already happened to our friends on the east coast and the reception has been anything but quiet. Truth is, most cabin owners are up in arms about the charge and are trying to find some way of having it repealed.

It’s been explained again and again since the new regional waste system was announced that the cost of getting rid of our garbage would rise.

Again, most residents of this province grudgingly accepted that idea if it would be good for our environment.

Chucking out what could be as much as a couple of hundred dollars extra in municipal taxes is never pleasant, but there was little lasting pushback.

This new wrinkle is another thing.

A cabin garbage charge may have been mentioned among the other details of the regional program, but it comes as a not-too-happy surprise to most cottage dwellers.

The majority don’t like the idea of paying a yearly charge for garbage collection when they use their cabins for a couple of days a week for a few months of the year.

Some owners want to know how the service is going to proceed during the winter months when rural roads aren’t plowed.

Others say they have been for years dragging home what little garbage they produce at the cottage and they see no reason why they should be charged twice — once at their permanent homes and once for their cabin.

There is also the question of enforcement. How are the garbage police planning on finding every cabin that populates our vast wilderness and sending them a bill?

This may eventually settle down, but don’t count on it.

Cottage owners would rather spend this money on anything but another distasteful tax.

It’s hard to argue with them on that.

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Recent comments

  • My opinion
    August 15, 2014 - 07:25

    For most cabin owners this is a non essential service and definitely not practical, in other words a cash grab on cabin owners in favor of these garbage management boards across the Island now filling its bank account to pay for there service. Seasonal cabin owners see this as a duplicate service as they will pay a fee at their principle residence as well. Garbage at the cabin was being bought home and disposed of. Why have a service where none was requested or required. Basic fairness is not being practised by these boards. The government of Nl and Labrador under the Progressive Conservatives created the legislation required for these boards to operate and now they have created a new garbage fee and had its boards impose it on all of us. Governments these days have no desire to increase tax to pay for services and now have resorted to fees for service while bragging about their low tax rates. Who are they fooling? I suggest this will be the new way governments will deal with their programs in future. Fees, fees and more fees. As far as I am concerned I will never vote for the progressive conservatives in the next election as this was their brain child.

    • Too Funny
      August 15, 2014 - 12:01

      "I will never vote for the progressive conservatives in the next election as this was their brain child." But Ball and the boys will be the ones enforcing this law. Who will you vote for then?

    • Paul Quenton
      August 15, 2014 - 15:54

      Too funny, I see your comments from time to time. Full of negativity. Apparently people can't make any comments unless it meets your ridicoule. Is that the only line you read in " my opinions comments? Personally I think you are a social media SNIPER, always hiding behind a rock. Definition of a pure coward....