A hope for the future

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Green Teams all over the west coast are finishing off busy summers tending to a variety of useful environmental projects in their respective communities.

These types of projects and constant promotion in schools have given our young people a solid base of understanding about how fragile our little blue orb floating in space is, and how much care is required to overcome the abuse of the past and present.

These young people are the biggest hope that our planet will get better care in the future than it has gotten up to now.

All we have to do is look around us to see just how much work is needed.

Travel into almost any woodsroad or rural area and be prepared for a nasty surprise. Discarded household garbage and piles of litter are all to easy to find no matter how remote or far from civilization.

Just a look in ditches around any community can reveal the same nasty evidence.

There is also raw sewage running into our waterways and oceans all around this province.

On a grander scale, anyone who pays attention to our weather must wonder what is happening to our climate. Storms seem to be getting more dangerous in all seasons.

Blizzards are ripping up structures at an alarming rate while frequent flood and wind events seem to be becoming more common.

Let’s hope our young people grow up steeped in a greater respect for our province and what remains of our pristine surroundings, which residents and visitors alike bask in.

If they don’t, they and their offspring will be in bigger trouble than we seem to be.

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