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The move to full-day kindergarten is on target to begin in the 2016 school year, according to Education Minister Darin King.

The move follows a trend in North America to have children begin going to class all day from the beginning.

The half-day setup, one would think, is a left over from another time when the short day gave children the time to get used to the new surrounding after their years at home since birth.

That day is long gone — these aren’t your grandparents four-year-olds. Some of us can remember a time when children went to kindergarten to learn their letters, numbers, colours and social interaction with strangers.

What a change in that these days.

Children of school age have already been exposed to what most of us took  years in school to learn. They watch educational television, are computer literate and almost all can read and write long before ever seeing the inside of a classroom.

With most families having mom and dad in the workforce, children from an early age are used to being up early in the morning to get bundled off to daycare where they interact with a room full of children from all over and are taught even more.

The change will also be a welcomed by parents who are driven to distraction trying to get their offspring to and from the half-day class that switches from afternoon to morning attendance.

Children these days also face a fast-moving world and need every advantage they can get as they move toward adulthood and the need to make a living.

This change will add to that journey in a positive way.

Geographic location: North America

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